16 April 2012 - FETA FREIGHT SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL (FFSI) is a global network of joint venture branch offices and independent freight forwarding companies rendering the full spectrum of transport services including multimodal logistics and other specialised cargo handling related activities.
FETA stands for the Far East Transportation Association that was organised in 1982 by a group of Far East Asia-based freight forwarders with the objective of jointly seeking selectively reliable, aggressive and, preferably, locally managed companies to form a strong strategic global network of alliances. Through the years, FETA was able to establish effective policies to control the performance of its members in the areas of account settlement, sales and marketing, communications services and network management.

As on today FETA is close group of 97 worldwide members. The membership is strictly restricted to two members per country to enable a long term close working relationship amongst partners. The organisation has sustained growth for its loyal members since its inception and continues to do so.
FFSI recently concluded its 31st worldwide conference at Sun City, South Africa, where Barloworld Logistics Far East won

- Best in sales
- Best in account settlement
- Best in operations / services
- Winner in the overall ranking

According to Mr. Francis Ng, Founder & Chairman of FFSI “There is a well-established system to appraise the best member amongst the group. Mainly there are 3 categories, 1. Best in Account Settlement, 2. Best in Sales, 3. Best in Operation, all ranked by the members. Adding up all three, the member getting the highest ranking is chosen as the Best Member in ‘OVERALL PERFORMANCE’ category.”

Mr. Deon Heyns, heads the Far East operations for Barloworld Logistics’ as a Managing Director and he was present to receive these awards in Sun City on 16th March, 2012. Mr. Heyns wasted no time in dedicating these awards to his hardworking team in Hong Kong and China and said,
“We set ourselves the objective of being the best agent at last year’s conference. Plan to be the best, agree with partners on sales & lead generation programs and all the hard work seems to have paid off”. He further added, “We will strive to be the best and better our services to global partners on an on-going basis. These awards mean a lot to the team back in Hong Kong and China.”

In today's competitive global economy, the Far East is considered to be the world's manufacturing hub. Barloworld Logistics’ offices are strategically located at the origin of global supply chains i.e. Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Barloworld Logistics is a leading logistics and supply chain management company in Africa, the Far East, the Middle East and Europe. Specialising in Smart supply chain solutions, we also offer traditional logistics services which include transportation, warehousing and freight forwarding in the regions in which it operates.

For Information on Barloworld Logistics and FFSI, please log to www.barloworld-logistics.com and http://www.ffsintl.net, respectively.

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