Ceva Logisitics Logo 1Shanghai, China, 22 April, 2014 – CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading supply chain management companies, today announced it has received an award from BP Zhuhai, a renowned leader in China’s chemical industry, for ten years of outstanding service.

CEVA has been managing BP Zuhai’s warehouse since 2002.  Operating in the high risk specialized chemicals industry, safety is BP’s top priority. From the start and through the years of partnership with BP Zhuhai, CEVA has incorporated a culture of safety into the daily operations at the site. In BP Zhuhai’s safety campaign series that focus on Behavior Safety Technology, Quality, Safety, Health and Environment(HSE), CEVA has maintained a top position among all BP Zhuhai’s suppliers for effective safety management.  In addition to the mandatory training that is required by BP Zhuhai, CEVA initiates regular safety campaigns throughout the year, covering safety inspection and assessments, fire emergency and plant emergency evacuation drills. CEVA also applies Kaizen, one element of its continuous improvement program, in warehouse management to further improve operational processes including HSE management.  

BP Zhuhai Operation Manager Li Yong said: “I am pleased to present this award to CEVA in recognition of their consistent support to BP Zhuhai’s business and their outstanding performance.  On behalf of the BP Zhuhai management team, I would like to thank CEVA for their team efforts.  I have confidence that they will maintain this momentum and deliver their service commitments.  The Continued Improvement Program has recently been launched by BP Zhuhai, and I sincerely hope that CEVA will play an active role in the program, and continue to take any opportunity to support BP Zhuhai in cost efficiency and in building mutually beneficial partnership.”

Jaap Bruining, CEVA’s Head of Contract Logistics, China said: “BP’s strict management and high standard in HSE is well known in the logistics industry.  As with BP and BP Zhuhai, HSE permeates every part of CEVA’s operations; our people never walk by a problem.  This is the foundation of our long term and successful partnership. I believe the shared strong desire for constant improvements and operational excellence by both BP Zhuhai and CEVA will bring our partnership to a higher level.”

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