A regional knowledge center for logistics innovation    Singapore, 30 October, 2013 – CEVA Logistics, a leading global supply chain management company, today announced the opening of its first Center of Logistics Excellence in Asia Pacific. Situated in Changi, Singapore, this is CEVA’s second Center following the inaugural launch of the concept in Jacksonville, Florida. The Centers demonstrate ‘real world’ logistics innovation through supply chain optimization and enhanced visibility, integrated services and technology solutions to power supply chain efficiency. The Asia Pacific Center of Logistics Excellence will provide insights into CEVA’s unique offerings and solutions for customers with business in Asia. This is part of an overall strategic investment that CEVA is committing to its fastest growing region. CEVA aims to build a strong knowledge center in Asia, develop supply chain talents, offer best in class technologies and supply chain solutions to strengthen its presence in the region. Asia’s consumers will make up more than half of the world’s middle class by 2020*. This is a significant growth trend that shows increasing urbanization, rising disposal income and in turn, the increased consumption power across Asian countries. Supply chain and logistics companies will help enable this growth, which is why CEVA is increasing its commitment to Asia Pacific through the opening of this Center of Logistics Excellence in Singapore.

CEVA recognizes the importance of Singapore as a key logistics hub globally due to its strategic location and conducive environment for many companies to operate from. The country’s excellent network and connectivity provides easy access within Asia and with other regions.

Peter Dew, Asia Pacific President for CEVA, said: “Singapore is an ideal choice for our Center of Logistics Excellence in Asia as many of our customers’ regional operations are also based out of Singapore.  We are excited to establish a Center here, as a knowledge and innovation hub for supply chain excellence and to better support our customers’ growth in this region. Local talent and knowledge coupled with global expertise will position CEVA well in this region to deliver solutions that meet the 21st century supply chain challenges and leverage the significant growth potential of rising intra regional trade.”

“Customers today want increased supply chain performance at reduced costs as a way to remain competitive,” said Inna Kuznetsova, Chief Commercial Officer, CEVA. “They are looking for ways to enhance control and visibility to optimize their supply chains end-to-end. We are delighted to open a Center of Excellence in Singapore, after the successful launch of our first Center in Jacksonville. We want the new center to become a global hub of innovation in Supply Chain Management. We will leverage its capabilities to provide a higher value to the customers through our expertise in logistics.”

The Asia Pacific Center of Excellence in Singapore provides an insight into some of the innovative solutions which CEVA delivers to its customers:

Integrated supply chain capabilities - A showcase of the depth and breadth of CEVA’s integrated supply chain capabilities with case studies of integrated solutions for customers across multiple industries  Innovation and Operations Excellence ecosystem – A look at how technology is deployed in warehouse and transport management to power customers’ supply chain more effectively; and using Operations Excellence as a unique differentiator to give customers a competitive advantage Control Tower – a complete end-to-end supply chain management hub with accurate, punctual and reliable centralized systems managing and controlling transport and security logistics activities for greater visibility and real-time information, worldwide, 24/7. To find out more information about the Center and to register for a visit, please click www.cevalogistics.com/CenterofExcellence.

* Based on a Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) report – Imagining Asia 2020, July 2013

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