Singapore - CEVA Logistics, a leading global supply chain management company, announced last month that it has expanded its presence in Singapore with a new West Hub Logistics Center at Jalan Buroh. The 48,000 sq m warehouse and office hub is the company’s largest facility in Singapore.

Strategically located in the western part of Singapore near Jurong Port, with easy access not only to the Port but also the major highways across the island; it is ideally placed to support the logistics needs of both existing and new customers. Currently, CEVA provides warehouse and logistics services to several companies from Energy/Oil & Gas and Industrial, to Consumer and Retail sectors at the multi-user West Hub.

Elaine Low, Executive Vice President for South East Asia said: “We are delighted to have a new facility at West Hub which boosts CEVA’s footprint in Singapore. This is now our largest site in Singapore, and a major investment we have made to better serve the logistics and supply chain needs of our customers.  Singapore’s strategic location in Asia, combined with the country’s excellent network and international connectivity. makes it an ideal hub for many multinational companies to operate from. We see good potential for the West Hub to address new market opportunities as well as grow the sectors in which CEVA already has a stronghold.”

The West Hub is a seven-story drive up warehouse facility with covered and open yard space catering to the specific needs of CEVA’s Oil & Gas and Industrial customers. Designed to optimize warehouse efficiency, the facility features high floor loading capacity of 30-35kn/m2, VNA space, advanced material handling equipment, integrated IT and warehouse management systems, and additional space for modern office set up which allows customers to operate directly in the CEVA facility, be close to their warehouse operations and increase their operational efficiency. Sensor lighting throughout the building, is another sustainable design feature which improves the environmental impact of the facility.

The new West Hub will also house CEVA’s Center of Logistics Excellence for Asia Pacific, which was launched late last year. This Center of Excellence provides visitors and customers an opportunity to see and touch real world logistics at CEVA, by providing supply chain optimization and enhanced visibility, integrated services and technology solutions to power supply chain efficiency for our customers. CEVA will also move its sales and support functions into this facility, together with its IT and Solution Design Center of Competence teams for the region.  The move is targeted to be completed by the first quarter of 2015.

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