London, UK – 24 October 2010 - CEVA Group Plc announces that its Quarter Three 2011 Results will be communicated to the market on 8 November 2011.

CEVA currently expects Quarter Three 2011 revenues of €1.76 billion and EBITDA before specific items* of between €85 million to €87 million (compared to Quarter Three 2010 revenues of €1.82 billion and EBITDA before specific items of €86 million). 

CEVA also expects to have total debt net of cash of €2.69 billion at the end of Quarter Three 2011 (compared to €2.60 billion as of 31 December 2010).

The preliminary financial information presented in this news release reflects current estimates, and has not been reviewed or audited by our independent auditors, and is therefore subject to change.

* EBITDA before specific items excludes the impact of specific items which are significant non-recurring items such as restructuring, integration costs, and certain legal expenses.

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