Innovative warehouse monitoring system key component in award win
Milan, Italy, 11 December, 2012 – CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading supply chain companies, has been presented with the Logistics Company of the Year 2012 award in recognition of its innovative technology solution for the monitoring of warehouse performance in real time. The system, implemented for the first time in 2010 within the state of the art site in Pognano, near Bergamo, has been now extended to all CEVA’s main warehouses in Italy.

The solution, named ’Airport’ for its similarity with flight boards used at airports, is based on the use of screens placed in proximity of the outbound freight consolidation area which show the sequence and the progress of loading operations, possible delays and the time available before the departure of the vehicle. In this way, the team is constantly aware of loading activities and has a high degree of flexibility when using the loading bays and doors.

The award, now in its eighth year, is promoted and organized by Assologistica, the Italian national association for logistics, along with its two bodies, the leading trade magazine Euromerci and Assologistica Cultura e Formazione, which promotes the exchange of logistics knowledge and best practice among the leading companies in the sector. The Logistics Company of the Year is the main logistics annual award in Italy aimed at highlighting the best innovative processes implemented by logistics operators in order to improve the quality and increase the efficiency of supply chain management solutions. In addition, it recognizes managers and academics that have developed innovations in the areas of technology, property, training, transport, intermodal solutions, environmental sustainability, social responsibility and companies’ global expansion.

Giuseppe Chiellino, Managing Director of CEVA in Italy, said: “It is an honor to receive the Logistics Company of the Year award in recognition of our innovative ‘Airport’ project, which guarantees our customers an efficient, synchronized supply chain through the dynamic use of the loading bays and areas, as well as better rationalization of space and resources. This award demonstrates CEVA’s commitment to the continuous improvement of processes and in the implementation of an approach focused on Impeccable Execution and the sharing of knowledge and information.  This has allowed us to step forward in the optimization of the logistics solutions offered to our customers, guaranteeing the highest punctuality, efficiency and transparency of every single process along the entire supply chain.”

This cutting edge process allows real time monitoring of warehouse activities and has delivered concrete benefits, such as increased rationalization, more punctual responses to emergencies and a higher space optimization, saving approximately 25-30% of space required in loading areas.

The award ceremony took place on 30 November, 2012 at the Assolombarda’s Sala Auditorium of Milan.

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