CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA  – CRST International, Inc., today announced the launch of a new expedited Temperature Controlled Team Service (TCTS). This service will operate as a division of CRST Expedited, the largest operating company of CRST International, Inc., and the largest team carrier in the country.  Initial service, which includes both chilled and frozen products, already has begun.

“CRST will be the only transportation company in the U.S. offering an exclusive temperature controlled service supported by team drivers,” said Dave Rusch, President and CEO of CRST International. “We will be providing transcontinental transportation of perishable products in less than 60 hours at a price that is competitive with single drivers. Typical single driver perishable deliveries take about five and a half days.”

As one of the most diversified transportation companies in the U.S., CRST International saw the temperature controlled service as a great opportunity to further extend its breadth of services.

TCTS will cater to cold chain retailers and producers looking for high quality service to deliver products such as fruits and vegetables, dairy, meats, fish and shellfish, confections, ice cream, pharmaceuticals, wine, beer and health and beauty aids. Rusch also noted that produce is the fastest growing market for temperature controlled transportation, with organic products not far behind.

“The value in our new service is not just our team drivers and the speed with which they can deliver goods, but also added security for the contents since at least one driver is always with the tractor,” said Rusch. “With our team approach, the vehicle is virtually in constant motion moving toward its destination.”

CRST understands the seasonal nature of the temperature controlled transportation market and is able to offer the flexibility to increase or decrease capacity based on peak seasons or individual retailer or producer needs, through the cross utilization of CRST Expedited’s fleet of approximately 2,000 team tractors.

Currently, a majority of temperature controlled carriers are independent drivers or firms with fewer than ten trucks.

TCTS will use CRST drivers and equipment, including new Thermo King Refrigerated units and insulated Utility Trailers that can maintain temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

CRST International is the sixth largest truckload carrier in the United States, with annual revenues of approximately $1.3 billion.

The company is the largest expedited team carrier in the nation and has one of the newest tractor fleets in the industry. It also is debt free.  CRST has been the recipient of many awards for service and technology.  Some of the most prominent include multiple InfoWeek 500 listings and Quest for Quality awards from Logistics Management magazine.

For more information about CRST’s Temperature Controlled Team Service, visit www.crst.com or call 855-250-2778.
CRST International, Inc

Cedar Rapids, Iowa–based CRST International, Inc. is one of the largest privately-held transportation companies in the United States.  Through its five operating companies, CRST provides a broad array of transportation solutions, including expedited van, flatbed, dedicated services, brokerage, transportation management, high value product white glove moving services and expedited temperature controlled services.  CRST’s operating companies are made up of CRST Expedited, Inc. (including Temperature Controlled Team Service), CRST Malone, Inc., CRST Dedicated Services, Inc., CRST Logistics, Inc. and Specialized Transportation, Inc. For more information, visit www.crst.com or call (800) 736-CRST (2778).

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