Top UK retailer Shop Direct Group has extended their supply chain management contract with Damco. In addition, the SCM solution Damco Dynamic Flow Control™ has put Shop Direct and Damco in a finalist position for “Supply Chain Project of the Year.”
27 June 2012 – Damco has renewed their supply chain management contract with Shop Direct Group for a further two years. Shop Direct Group is the UK’s leading online and home shopping retailer and has been working with Damco since 2005. A key factor in the contract decision was Damco’s commitment to drive improvements in the supply chain through IT development, supply chain initiatives and continued development of logistics solutions.

Paul Miller, Director of Inbound Logistics at Shop Direct Group, commented: “Having worked with DAMCO for a number of years, we have been consistently impressed by their innovative approach and the value they have added to our business. We look forward to continuing to evolve our relationship over the next two years.”
Simon Joslin, Chief Commercial Officer of Damco UK and Ireland added: “We are delighted that Shop Direct has extended its contract with Damco. As a leading online retailer, the Group faces unique challenges in responding to customers’ demands and the supply chain supporting the business must be flexible in delivering these requirements.”
Pilot for Damco Dynamic Flow Control™
Shop Direct agreed to participate as a pilot customer in the development of the groundbreaking solution called Damco Dynamic Flow Control™. Shop Direct are using the visibility component of the solution, providing milestone visibility across various logistics providers.
Damco Dynamic Flow Control™ is the result of a long development effort done at Damco – together with a number of key customers. In full effect, the solution allows supply chain professionals the flexibility to constantly re-plan shipments according to what is important - whether it is delivery date, cost, or carbon footprint - without the complexity and manual workload changing purchase orders normally entails.
Finalist for “Supply Chain Project of the Year”
For the work they have jointly undertaken with Shop Direct on implementing Damco Dynamic Flow Control™ to enhance product visibility across the supply chain, Damco and Shop Direct have just been shortlisted as a finalist in the annual “RetailWeek Supply Chain Awards” to be conducted in London on 12 September.
“We are very proud to have been shortlisted for the Supply Chain Project of the Year. This is a testament to our commitment to work very closely with Shop Direct in developing initiatives to meet their business needs,” Simon Joslin said.
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