·  DHL Global Forwarding, Freight Carbon Dashboard helps manage CO2 emissions along the entire supply chain
·  Reports offer carbon emissions information by mode and each involved party

Miami, July 27, 2011: DHL Global Forwarding, Freight, one of the leading provider of global air and ocean freight and road freight services, has launched a new service for carbon emissions tracking, the GOGREEN Carbon Dashboard. Customers can choose from a variety of certified reports to better understand the main drivers of carbon emissions from the various transport modes involved including pickup and delivery emissions in their supply chain. It helps account for and manage carbon emissions, including third party emissions, with detailed and reliable CO2 mapping available instantly from a web-based hub.

“Up to 50% of the carbon footprint of a product comes from the supply chain. DHL Global Forwarding, Freight now offers its customers a best-in-class tool to gain transparency on the carbon efficiency within their supply chain. In the future, carbon will become a global currency and DHL makes it easy for companies to integrate it in their balance sheet. The new Carbon Dashboard helps our customer identify their impact in detail, so that together we can find ‘greener’ solutions wherever possible,” says Kathrin Brost, vice president, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight Green Strategy.

The Carbon Dashboard ensures a standard calculation approach and treats CO2 as an integrated business parameter, putting it into relation with other supply chain parameters such as volumes shipped, product density and trade lane efficiency. It also enables them to dry run various carbon reduction scenarios using real data and explore the effectiveness of different optimization levers.

“This latest achievement demonstrates our commitment to working innovatively with customers to deliver solutions that help them best manage their impact on the supply chain,” said Alejandro Palacios , senior vice president Strategy, Performance Management & First Choice Americas. “As part of our business strategy, focused on growth, sustainability we are leveraging our demonstrated best practices and industry expertise to partner with our customers in reaching their own CO2 efficiency goals.”

Deutsche Post DHL offers a full range of GOGREEN products and services for its customers across all its business units - from carbon reporting and consulting to CO2 reduction options, carbon-offsetting and carbon-neutral shipping services. In 2010 alone, the company offset some 82,000 tons of carbon emissions for its customers and shipped over 1.7 billion CO2-neutral GOGREEN items.

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