Eltete's carton board pallet is four times lighter than a normal wooden pallet, which makes it possible to load significantly more freight and save on transport costs. But the main thing is that carton board pallets can be manufactured automatically on an industrial and economical scale anywhere in the world.

A good example of the possibilities is a pallet factory that Eltete is delivering to Nagoya in Japan this spring.

“The capacity will be approximately three million carton board pallets per year,” says Marko Virtanen, sales director of technology at Eltete. “The pallets will be used mainly by the export industry in the vicinity. More production lines are now in the pipeline at other locations in Japan.”

At this point a bit of history might be called for. Eltete was founded in 1974 to produce transport packaging material of carton board  and was the first company to introduce edge boards and slip sheets to Europe.

For more than 30 years, Eltete Engineering, the technology arm of the company, has been responsible for developing and constructing the production lines needed to manufacture the broad spectrum of products that Eltete offers.

“Now the group has its own factories in 15 countries and our sales network reaches over 60 countries,” says Virtanen. “We have demonstrated in practice that our technology for manufacturing carton board pallets is the most efficient and economical in the world.”

Turnkey production lines

In recent years Eltete has focused on building up a global network of production sites for the company’s type of carton board pallets. The network consists of both in-house factories and a number of production lines delivered to local external companies.

"Our main focus is to supply our Paper Roll-to-Paper Pallet technology to local companies everywhere in the world,” says Virtanen. “We supply turnkey production lines and take full responsibility for the production lines delivered.”

The company also offers an extensive service network combined with raw material supply sourcing and sales and marketing assistance internationally.
“In many cases our technicians don’t even have to visit the plant on site if a problem occurs,” says Virtanen. “We can install a remote control system that makes it possible for us to help the customer optimize the actual process and to fix many minor problems remotely.”

One-person factory

The newest generation of Paper Roll-to-Paper Pallet and automatic paper pallet assembly (APPA) technology is a versatile piece of engineering art.
“This third-generation plant is very compact in size and can be fit into relatively small production units,” says Virtanen. “In fact, one person can run the newest generation of the APPA pallet factory on his or her own.”

He emphasizes that the main idea with paper pallets is that they can and should be manufactured locally, since the key factor behind the product’s competitiveness is that it’s produced near the customer that needs the pallets.

“This is how the concept remains economical with a good ROI and a competitiveness that creates more demand,” says Virtanen.  “Using our technology it’s possible to produce up to ten pallets per minute, which significantly lowers the price per unit. The high degree of automation combined with the production capacity of the plant is exactly the reason why our technology was chosen, for example, in Japan.”
The components for the pallets can either be made on site or delivered to the factory just on time.

“In cases where the whole production is integrated into the factory, like in Japan, the only raw materials needed are paper rolls and glue.”
Virtanen finally stresses that APPA pallets are ideal for export as they are ISPM-15 compliant.

“The paper pallets are always new and clean and they need no costly heat treatment, like wooden pallets do,” he says. “When the paper pallet is used, recycling is easy since it’s made solely of paper. And yes, 1,000 kg is no problem for our paper pallets.”

Eltete in brief: Eltete TPM Ltd (Transport Packaging Materials) with headquarters in Finland is a global carton board converter, a supplier of 100% recyclable transport packaging material. The group’s technology arm, Eltete TPM Engineering, is a technology and product innovator and machine manufacturer. For more than 30 years, the company has designed, marketed, manufactured, and installed all the machinery needed. It also handles upgrading and servicing of the lines supplied by Eltete. With 21 production sites in 15 countries, Eltete TPM is one of the leading producers of edge boards and advanced transport packaging solutions (TPS) in the world. www.eltete.com

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