Envirotainer, which pioneered the world’s first ‘active’ temperature-controlled air cargo container, has won the Cool Chain Excellence Award for ‘Innovation in Quality Distribution’ for its latest innovation, the RAP e2 composite heating and cooling container for the transportation of highly sensitive healthcare products. 

The award was presented at the IQPC Cool Chain Europe 2012 event in Basel, Switzerland to Stephen Maietta, Envirotainer’s Director of Healthcare Sales. This is the third award Envirotainer has received from IQPC having previously been recognised for its RKN e1 container and the company’s Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP) Program. The event brings together over 400 life science professionals to gain up-to-date information and industry best practices for quality distribution.

The Cool Chain Excellence Award for Innovation in Quality Distribution is presented for a key achievement in the cold chain industry that produces outstanding results and furthers the definition of best practice. The judges also consider technical excellence, content, validity and applicability as well as excellence in efficiency or improvements such as cost cutting, service levels, patient safety, reduced risk, and streamlined processes.

Speaking at the Awards Gala Dinner in Basel, Stephen Maietta, said: “This achievement is the culmination of many years of R&D with customer and partner collaboration. We have a strong and creative team based in Sweden that continues to drive our temperature controlled air cargo solutions.”

The RAP e2 container draws on the benefits of Envirotainer’s established and proven electrical heating and compressor cooling technology. The RAP e2 container is an innovative solution that offers reduced shipping costs while still providing the same high level of quality. It is the first product in an entirely new generation of containers, constructed using a composite sandwich material. The unique properties of this material include an optimised design that gives much better insulation - and even higher reliability than traditional aluminum sandwich-based container types.
As well as embracing the very latest technology advancements, the RAP e2 provides greater volume capacity than the smaller RKN e1. The Envirotainer RAP e2 container is able to accommodate five Euro or four US pallets, whereas the RKN e1 is designed to handle one Euro or US pallet.
Since pioneering the world’s first active air cargo container in 1995, Envirotainer has continually researched and developed new, innovative temperature-controlled container solutions. In 2005, the company launched its first e-technology container, the RKN e1. Today, it is widely used as the container of choice by pharmaceutical companies, their logistics providers and airlines for highly sensitive shipments.

Envirotainer Company Profile

Envirotainer (www.envirotainer.com) is the world-leader in secure cold chain logistics solutions, primarily within the healthcare and biotech industries. The company manufactures and leases active temperature-controlled container solutions for air transportation, including validation, support, and service.
For more than 10 years, the company has enabled reliable air transportation of sensitive and perishable products, through an open, global network of airline companies and logistic partners. Envirotainer has offices in 20 countries around the world and is headquartered in Lagga Marma outside of Stockholm, Sweden.
Envirotainer is a registered trademark of the company Envirotainer AB.

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