R2 Logistics, Inc. releases figures showing their second quarter growth for 2011.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 18, 2011 – R2 Logistics, Inc., a third party logistics provider, has released their second quarter growth results for 2011. The acquisition of two key customers and others have contributed to steady growth R2 Logistics has seen in the past quarter. Figures given portray the company’s year over year annual percentage growth.

Premium Waters, Inc., a company that has been in the bottled water industry for over 130 years, is one customer R2 has seen success with in the second quarter. R2’s Detroit, Michigan branch is responsible for managing shipments from six Premium Water distribution centers to locations across the United States.

Kees Hiatt, R2’s Detroit National Sales Representative, stated, “I believe our service levels, response times and our constant communication with the customer sets us apart. Simply understanding your customer and having the ability to tailor fit logistics solutions to their business are the reasons why Premium Waters entrusts their freight with R2 Logistics.”

Another company making an impact for R2’s second quarter growth has been Niagara Water, a company that has been bottling water in Southern California since 1963.  Managing shipments for Niagara Water is the Jacksonville, Florida office where freight is directed with four Niagara Water distribution centers.

“So far the business with Niagara Waters has been what we’ve expected it to be,” commented Mack Dubose, R2’s Jacksonville National Sales Representative. “Since our partnership began in their busiest season it’s caused us to source capacity in a market that’s already tight. This can be frustrating, but it’s worked in our favor as it has allowed us to forge a stronger relationship with Niagara Waters and local carriers.”

R2 reports growth in four major categories: revenue, gross profit, operating percentage and total number of loads. Overall, the company reports an increase in revenue of forty-nine percent. This has paralleled with a swell in gross profit of sixty-six percent. Operating percentage proliferated by twelve percent and the number of loads did as well, by thirty-three percent.

“We tend to set our growth targets extremely high,” noted R2 President and CEO, Ben Gase. “Even though we are pleased with our second quarter growth, we believe the second half of the year will be much better. We will continue to be very aggressive in all aspects of our business. Keeping the customer as the number one priority and having resilient salespeople will make for a profitable third quarter.”

About R2 Logistics, Inc.
R2 Logistics, Inc. is a third-party logistics company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  The company works with over 16,000 transportation providers nationwide.  R2 Logistics delivers industry-leading services through three primary operating branches. These branches focus primarily on full truckload transportation, as well as services including less-than-truckload (LTL), expedited freight, intermodal, certified hazardous material, specialized hauling and supply chain management. For more information about R2 Logistics, visit www.r2logisticsteam.com.

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