Hanjin Logistics Inc. (HJL), a logistics arm of Hanjin Shipping, has announced the opening of an office in Istanbul, Turkey, through a joint venture with Arkas Logistics (Arkas), one of the leading logistics service providers in Turkey.  The joint venture, named ‘Hanjin Arkas Logistics & Trading S.A.’, officially began operations on June 4, 2012.

In its first operating year, Hanjin Arkas Logistics will focus on building strong market presence with HJL global network sales power and the related experience of Arkas in the market.

HJL currently operates more than 60 branches over the world and recently opened offices in Japan, China and the Netherlands in early 2012.  Over the next 5 years, HJL plans to expand its network aggressively in other regions and continents such as Central Asia, Africa and South America.

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