The Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) Provides New Trucking Industry Standard Health and Wellness Platform to Improve and Maintain the Health of all Professional Drivers

Atlanta, GA – As the Trucking industry’s authority on Health and Wellness, the Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) announced today that it has pioneered another breakthrough in its efforts to improve the health and wellness of our nation’s professional drivers.   The HTAA Driver Vitality Program is the first universal personal health and wellness management tool that ALL drivers can use to improve and maintain their health.

“The HTAA Driver Vitality Program is the single most important development to date in the nationwide campaign to help drivers improve their health,” says Bill Gordon, HTAA Executive Director.  “It’s exactly what the industry needs – a universal platform that all drivers can use – an industry standard that can benefit every driver and every fleet.”

The HTAA has partnered with one of the world’s most successful corporate wellness companies, The Vitality Group, to develop this program for the trucking industry.  The incorporation of The Vitality Group’s proven wellness solution makes the HTAA Driver Vitality Program the only health and wellness program designed for the trucking industry that has a wellness solution that has been actuarially proven to work on large groups of employees over long periods of time.  The HTAA Driver Vitality Program addresses all the ailments that affect the trucking industry.  Whether a driver is suffering from obesity, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, hypertension or a variety of other illnesses, the HTAA Vitality Program will identify the problem(s) that need(s) to be addressed, lay out a pathway for the driver to follow, provide the resources the driver needs, and then reward the driver for his or her efforts.

“We’ve been working for over three years to develop this program, says Gordon.  So many ‘wellness programs’ are really just weight loss diet plans – there are thousands of them, and while they certainly have their place, very few continue to work in the long run and none of them addresses all the other important health issues that are plaguing the professional driver population. This is where the HTAA Driver Vitality Program stands alone – there is simply nothing else like it – This program is the game changer that is going to finally give drivers and fleets the tools they need to turn around the trucking industry’s current negative health trend.  Trucking fleets and organizations ask us all the time what they can do to improve their drivers’ health.  Now there is a simple answer:  The very best thing we can do at this time to improve the health and wellness of drivers and the entire trucking industry is to get every single truck driver in America to start utilizing the benefits of the Driver Vitality Program as soon as possible”

The HTAA will be unveiling the details of the new HTAA Driver Vitality Program at the upcoming HTAA Healthy Trucking Summit (Atlanta, Georgia – April 24-26, 2012), the trucking industry’s most important annual health and wellness event and the number one source of education and resources aimed at improving the health of our nation’s professional driver population. Each year the HTAA invites trucking industry leaders, including Safety Directors, Human Resources Directors, Recruitment & Retention Managers, other trucking fleet and organization executives, and all stakeholders with an interest in improved driver health to attend the Summit to network and receive information and resources to help drivers get healthy and live longer lives.  This year will be even more important, because trucking fleet representatives will leave the Summit armed with the most potent weapon the trucking industry has ever had for combating the lack of good health that has predominated the driver population for so many years.

Trucking Industry leaders and stakeholders interested in attending the 2012 Healthy Trucking Summit can visit the HTAA website at and then click on the 2012 HTAA Healthy Trucking Summit button for more information or contact Nikki Pinson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (800) 800-1198. Companies interested in exhibiting at 2012 HTAA Healthy Trucking Summit can download an Exhibitor Prospectus at

About the Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA):
The Healthy Trucking Association of America is the health and wellness authority of the trucking industry. The HTAA was the first nationwide organization ever formed for the purpose of addressing the lack of good health among the nation’s professional driver population and no other organization or group has done more on a nationwide scale to help drivers get healthy and live longer lives.  HTAA offers programs to raise awareness and help improve the health of professional drivers and is the originator and ongoing annual host of the trucking industry’s first and single most important annual health and wellness conference, the HTAA Healthy Trucking Summit.

About The Vitality Group:
The Vitality Group is a member of Discovery Holdings Limited, formed specifically to market the Vitality health enhancement solution in the U.S. and Canada.  Vitality is the world's longest-standing health enhancement program, covering more than 4.5 million members worldwide. The Vitality program is at work in companies of all sizes and in all industries, improving individuals’ health and employer and health plan bottom lines.  With more than a decade of experience, Vitality is proven to improve health and corporate profitability.  The Vitality Group has forged partnerships with some of the most respected and recognized names in the health and wellness field to help extend the reach of its Vitality health enhancement program. Vitality encourages members to make smarter choices and allows members to benefit from those choices with everything from lower health costs to free merchandise, and above all, better health.

About the HTAA Driver Vitality Program
The HTAA Driver Vitality Program was created through a collaboration of HTAA and The Vitality Group resources undertaken to develop a program that will serve as the universal Health and Wellness platform that all professional drivers can utlilize to manage their health and wellness activities and progress.  Designed to serve as the industry-wide standard that all drivers use, the HTAA Driver Vitality Program serves as a personalized tool with which a driver can easily manage and coordinate all of his or her health and wellness activities.  Trucking fleets are encouraged to contact the HTAA for information on how they can make the HTAA Driver Vitality Program available to all their drivers at no cost to the fleet or trucking company.  Health and Wellness providers and stakeholders are encouraged to contact the HTAA for information on how their products and services can integrate with the HTAA Driver Vitality Program. (page not active yet)

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