by Lucy Dunn, 11 March 2014

lucy-dunnTo get hired into your dream company, it is simple. All you need to do is enough interview preparation, have the ability to demonstrate that there is indeed a match in skills and experience, capture the imagination of the audience, and well you are pretty much certain to get that job. As a new hire that is exactly what happened, so congratulate yourself! Now comes the important part, how can you make sure that your employer stays “in love” with you, and provides promotional and training opportunities in the future? What are the STELLAR qualities that open the door to a successful career?

1. First and foremost, demonstrate your competence in your job, showcasing your capabilities and how they fit the role is critical for your hiring manager, peers and staff. It also gives your hiring manager “face” which is more important than many candidates understand

2. Take ownership of your job entirely. By your actions and offering to take on the difficult projects not just the quick-return opportunities. You will get to be known as the “go-to” person and your professional skills and acumen can be relied upon to deliver. Cultivate a good reputation and start building your “brand”, right from the start

3. Think like business people and innovators first. Do your daily tasks make sense to the business strategy? Anticipate the needs of your peers, the team, and the department. Think about your role in a macro to micro way: Do your homework, read the mission statement, listen to the strategy that the raising star senior managers are implementing, don’t just do what the predecessor left behind

4. Don’t be foolish and go around stepping on toes before you know how big the foot is. If you don’t know something then do the work to learn it. You speak volumes by this simple act

5. If you are in a managerial position, be a leader by acts not words. Make sure your team knows they will be accountable, but also that you have their backs and they can call on you. If you are an individual contributor, show your team members that you are willing and able to help. In both cases, prove to the company that you can solve problems which is the acid test that it was the right decision to hire you

6. Offer help to anyone who needs it. This is not the same as anyone who asks. Some people won’t ask out of pride and some people ask rather than rolling up their sleeves and doing the work. This is the chance to develop your management sense and listen to the whole situation not just the “story”.

7. Thinking more of “we” is a opportunities to shine as a leader

8. Volunteer for new tasks, join in and have fun. You will just never know where it could lead… perhaps it helps to make your candidacy more visible to the Management?

At the end of the day, our attitudes matter MOST. We can learn skills, we can develop competence, and we can develop relationships if the effort is there. These are ways to consistently improve your “buy-in” rates, who knows, you may well be the successor of your boss.

What other exceptional qualities have you come across at work? Or you have different views on this? I would love to hear from you.

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