Going My Way? Schneider Logistics’ New Service Benefits Less-Than-Truckload Shippers Who Share the Ride

GREEN BAY, Wis.— September 19, 2011 — Schneider Logistics, Inc., a leading logistics provider and part of the Schneider National enterprise, has unveiled a new service offering for shippers with reoccurring less-than-truckload (LTL) moves. Integrated Delivery Services (IDS) utilizes Schneider’s Supply Chain management technology, cross-docking abilities and decades of Dedicated trucking experience to provide a new, cost-effective supply chain solution for shippers willing to share the ride.

“Schneider saw an opportunity to provide a smarter solution for shippers moving LTL freight in the same geographic markets,” explained Todd Jadin, vice president of IDS for Schneider Logistics. “Integrated Delivery Services is especially attractive to shippers in the automotive aftermarket, heavy truck and equipment manufacturers, and specialty retailers. Companies within each of these industries run common routes and have similar distribution locations and dispatch schedules; by pooling their deliveries, we provide tremendous efficiencies and cost savings.”

Schneider piloted Integrated Delivery Services in Denver with shippers of competing brands who had similar delivery windows, routes, shuttles and cross-dock locations. In an innovative shared-channel approach, Schneider merged freight and created customized routes based on multiple shippers’ cross-docking, dedicated delivery, pool distribution, reverse logistics and LTL consolidation needs.

Nearly 20 customers are already reaping the benefits of Schneider’s Integrated Delivery Services, which include increased visibility to the product with state-of-the-art scanning technology, access to Schneider’s high level of service from its Supply Chain Management and Dedicated offerings, and cost savings of 7 to 20 percent based on network location.

While Jadin acknowledges that the thought of competitors sharing supply chains is foreign at first, the ongoing sluggish state of the economy, erratic cost of fuel and increasing cost of finding drivers require creative thinking to keep today’s manufacturers and retailers competitive and in business.
“Shippers are telling us that supply chain costs are now their number one cost of doing business,” noted Jadin. “That reality brings with it the need to be strategic and creative in how we help our customers succeed. Integrated Delivery Service delivers on both fronts.”

Schneider’s Integrated Delivery Service currently operates in eight networks across the United States:  Portland, Ore.; Sacramento, Calif.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Denver, Colo.; Houston, Texas; Lenexa, Kan.; Jackson, Miss.; Winchester, Va., and Memphis, Tenn. Markets targeted for expansion include the Midwest and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

“Integrated Delivery Service works best for shippers who move an LTL product on a consistent basis,” added Jadin. “This new service excels with daily deliveries, as over 99 percent of our stops are made within 24 hours; however, we’re also successfully moving two to three loads per week for customers. Integrated Delivery Service provides Schneider the ability to give its customers more visibility, options and cost savings for LTL shipments.”

Additional information on Schneider Logistics’ new Integrated Delivery Service is available online at www.schneider.com or by calling 1-888-491-1653.

About Schneider Logistics, Inc.
Schneider Logistics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Schneider National, Inc., is a leading supply chain management provider for domestic and international shippers. The company provides Supply Chain Management, Transportation Management, domestic China and Port Logistics solutions through its transloading, warehousing, distribution, port dray and Inland Logistics Management services.

A $3.1 billion company, Schneider National has provided logistics and transportation expertise for over 75 years. For more information about Schneider Logistics, visit www.schneider.com.

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