By Lucy Dunn, 15 October 2013

Following my last article on “Top 3 reasons why people decide to change jobs”, I have been talking with candidates and companies, asking them why they think people decide to stay at their current employer. Surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly, the common theme appears to be “the amount of care they receive”. It seems to come in the form of: emotional, financial, and environmental. My attempt to sum them up is as follows:


“Without excellent benefits, incentives and, good overall package, I would not have come and I could not afford to stay”
“The fringe benefits like going to industry events, getting new computer hardware whenever it will help with the job.”
“Why spend a lot of time interviewing and playing games if my company keeps my salary and commissions in line with the rest of the industry.”
“I know it may sound crazy but even something as simple as a nice lunch on the company to say thank you makes a difference in how loyal I feel.”

According to the latest “Employee’s Choice Awards” of those who came to the top-50 companies in the US, most offered an above average overall package. Without doubt, it is the most effective way to care for most employees.


“Lots of learning and development opportunities from within, so why move?”
“Access to different work experience in different teams/functions/offices which helps to broaden my horizon” “Great culture created by the management at all levels”
“Great mentoring program to develop my professional goals”
“Amazing people in the company”
“On-going challenging work, collaborative work culture”

Companies’ culture seriously impact the level of satisfaction of employees. People notice and appreciate little things. How many company “roll out the red carpet” so-to-speak, for a candidate on their first day? As an employer, these are most probably good tactics to “capture one’s heart”, otherwise, you could be looking at a staff ripe for an offer from another company.


“People are connected in the common good. I feel like part of the big family and we all have a common goal that we feel good about”
“Our individual contributions are being encouraged and recognized”
“Interesting projects, feels like making an IMPACT in the industry”
“Despite the challenging economies/market conditions, our employer still takes care of us”
“People are encouraged to switch roles, so we have a better prospective of the business”
“Work-life balance. Our boss allows some flexibility at work if needed”
“I enjoy the autonomy at my current role and my boss does not micro-manage me and I have the freedom to make my own stamp on the position”
“The opportunity to appreciate the bigger picture or play a big part in the market is tremendous”

And particularly for those whose financial needs are satisfied, perhaps it is more about leaning to manage with power and control which keep one going.
Moving to a new job/any changes can be exciting as well as daunting – new people, new environment, and new boss. All these unknown factors can either bring a fruitful experience or total disaster if you have not weighed the options properly, so I hope these comments help making that all important decision “Should I stay or should I go”…

Personally, I have moved several times in my career, across different industries and across different countries. I can certainly relate to the consensus above. I believe people CARE about their overall WORK EXPERIENCE. Ultimately, we want to work for a company who puts their employees first. In most industries where there is a shortage of talent, doesn’t it make sense to make “employee satisfaction” a priority?

As always, your comments are always useful and I look forward to seeing what has been your experience and or what thoughts this topic brings up.

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