• ‘Average Rate Increases’ often paint inaccurate picture of true impact

January 8, 2014 (CLEVELAND, OH) – The major small package carriers, FedEx and UPS, started the year by raising their shipping rates. However, the actual impact of the hikes may not be clear to small businesses according to a report published by PartnerShip LLC, a leading shipping solutions provider to small businesses nationwide.

The shipping experts at PartnerShip have analyzed the carriers’ rate increase details to produce tables and insights that it shares, free of charge, with customers and prospects of its small package shipping services. The full report can be downloaded by visiting www.PartnerShip.com/RateIncrease. Additionally, shippers who are unclear on the impact of the rate increases can request a free, no-obligation shipping analysis at the conclusion of the report.

“The carrier-announced average rate increases paint an inaccurate picture of the true impact these new rates could have on small businesses,” says John Finucane, PartnerShip president and chief operating officer. “How much more expensive your particular shipments will be in 2014 depends on many factors, including shipment volumes, sizes, weights, and modes. The PartnerShip annual small package report provides small businesses with detailed insights on the rate increase and surcharge impacts to help them better budget their shipping expenditures for the coming year.”

About PartnerShip LLC

PartnerShip® is a leading shipping solutions provider to small- and medium-size businesses across North America. With 25 years of experience, PartnerShip develops and manages LTL freight, small package, tradeshow, and specialized shipping programs for over 110 association groups and thousands of customers. Founded in 1989 as subsidiary of the National Association of College Stores, today it has offices in Cleveland, OH, and Irvine, CA. Please visit www.PartnerShip.com for more information.

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