2014-04-08-fresh-logisitcsAny company that operates in the logistics business works under pressure every operational day to get their goods from A to B within a set time frame.  The drivers responsible for making these deliveries are monitored and under pressure to get their deliveries completed on time and to exactly the right location.  Refrigerated transport works on similar lines but there are some obvious differences.  If a parcel delivery service van breaks down en route or suffers some other mishap it is a big inconvenience for the recipients who have to wait longer.  The company can also suffer financially if it fails to meet delivery targets.  But those parcels can always go out again the next day.

The refrigerated produce delivery service is different.  Fresh Logistics Services Ltd is an award winning, market-leading, UK-based family run business, moving all kinds of temperature controlled loads around the country and the European mainland.  Those consignments could include pharmaceutical supplies or medical emergency items (blood, for example), and non-delivery, or late delivery, can have serious implications for the recipients.  There is no fall-back plan with this kind of transportation – it has to arrive when it is asked for and this is a company that always delivers.

Temperature controlled transportation is almost always time critical within the food sector as well.  Consignments start their journey at a given temperature and it is essential that they remain so throughout the supply chain to point of delivery. The company moves thousands of temperature controlled items around every week, so it is vital that the integrity of these shipments is maintained.  Any breakdown suffered by the on-board refrigeration plant is simply not an option, and Fresh Logistics have the high quality vehicles and staff to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

The company maintains a number of refrigerated warehouses around the country ideal for short-term pallet or sample storage. With vehicle depot’s based in Nottingham, Wembley and Glasgow allowing access to most of the major road networks around the UK, this means Fresh Logistics can have an immediate response to last minute requests for collections and deliveries using their extensive fleet of both light and heavy goods vehicles.  With a company headquarters based in Nottingham right next to the East Midlands airport, they are perfectly placed to cater for any international sample or pallet shipment requests. Fresh Logistics carry out an extensive amount of pan-European logistics work and looks forward to the next challenging assignment right across the continent. Previous examples showing Fresh Logistics’ flexibility has been drivers flown out to foreign destinations to bring a vehicle and goods back from the continent, arranging for dry ice collections from France and Italy for import back to the UK next day and Conger Eels packaged and sent frozen for a TV company in Japan.  Fresh Logistics truly is the market leader in refrigerated distribution and are happy to report that where they lead, others undoubtedly follow.

About Fresh Logistics:

Fresh Logistics Services Ltd (http://www.freshlogistics.co.uk) are award winning temperature controlled transport and storage specialists providing frozen and refrigerated couriers, cold storage and pick and pack services for the food and medical sectors throughout the UK and abroad. Call 0800 612 6512 for a free quote.

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