6 Financial Fundamentals to Keep Your Business Sound

Aurora, IL, August 30, 2012:  Rockpoint Logistics is pleased to announce its most recent whitepaper.  The subject is a very timely one, financial stability for your business.

The author Patrick Sullivan - Vice President of Finance for Rockpoint Logistics has an extensive background with more than 25 years of financial experience, including working in both the public and private sector.  In the newly released paper, Mr. Sullivan reveals 6 key areas that are critical in creating and maintaining the financial administrative function for any business organization.

What makes this paper invaluable is the fact that it applies to all businesses.  “I tried to write the paper so the information is pertinent to the success of any type of business” stated Mr. Sullivan, “whether it be a fortune 500 company or a start-up or an organization going into a merger or divestiture.”

The whitepaper touches on the accounting system, working capital, staffing and much more.  For more information visit the Rockpoint Logistics website – www.rockpointlogistics.com.  A hard copy of the paper can be requested or downloaded directly from www.rockpointlogistics.com/information-center.  

About Rockpoint Logistics: Speed, accuracy, and value. They’re three attributes that every company looks for when choosing a third-party logistics provider. At Rockpoint Logistics, we have made these three qualities the cornerstone of everything we do.

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