HILLSIDE, Ill.—January 10, 2012 (James Street Media Services)—HomeDirectUSA, the leading U.S. provider of “white-glove” home deliveries for large consumer goods retailers, has announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind service: Save-the-Sale. The service is designed to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costly returns by providing customer-focused solutions at the time of delivery.

“We implemented Save-the-Sale with the goal of reducing returns and enhancing the customer experience,” says Jim Mikrut, vice president, customer experience, HomeDirectUSA. “Now if a customer is dissatisfied, the problem can be solved in real-time by providing immediate conflict resolution. We’re pleased to offer this unique service and that the initial results are strong.”

The Save-the-Sale process does double duty by presenting sensible, on-the-spot solutions for home consumer dissatisfaction while, at the same time reducing costly returns and protecting retailer/etailer brand reputation. Central to this process is HomeDirectUSA’s new integrated voice response (IVR) system, which enables delivery personnel to connect immediately with the company’s Save-the-Sale team in the event of consumer dissatisfaction. The team can then present the consumer with options, including additional on-site set-up assistance, follow-up repair service, or clarification of product specifications as originally ordered. If needed, retailer/etailers can be conferenced into the conversation to help develop a satisfactory resolution with a trained Save-the-Sale representative.

“This process has already reduced returns at delivery by 10 percent for one of our current customers and we expect their returns will be reduced by a total of 50 percent,” says Mikrut. “But beyond that, we know consumers appreciate the extra attention they receive when there is a problem. We anticipate an increase in consumer satisfaction as an added benefit of Save-the-Sale.

“We are an extension of our customer’s brand,” Mikrut also notes. “By providing a faster resolution to delivery challenges, we strengthen the consumer's relationship to that brand. We see this as a game-changer in our industry.”

HomeDirectUSA is the highest-volume, fastest-growing “white-glove” delivery company in North America, transporting large consumer products to any home or business in the United States and Canada. HomeDirectUSA is dedicated to providing customers with innovative logistics solutions using industry expertise and leading-edge technology. HomeDirectUSA is owned by Transportation Resource Partners (TRP), a private equity firm and an affiliate of Penske Corporation.

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