Shipping specialist launches new open & social platform with ‘Learning Line’

12 March 2013 - Market forces are driving significant growth in the fast growing elearning sector, which is expected to be worth $168bn by 2018*.  Coracle, a specialist in elearning with a background in the shipping sector, is itself on a path to high growth, boosted by its new platform with ‘Learning Line’, which meets the growing need for more open and social, customised elearning tools.

elearning is increasingly appealing to businesses and membership organizations as well as academic institutions because of globalization, increased competition for staff or members and the need for organizations to deliver cost-effective learning and development.
The behaviour and needs of today’s learners is changing because of the growth of the mobile workforce, the increase in the use of smartphones and tablets and the ever-expanding use of social media, particularly video.

Coracle develops and manages bespoke education resources and cloud based systems for businesses, not for profits and membership organizations in a wide range of sectors, from shipping to insurance and veterinary.  The company’s shipping clients include the IMO, the Marine Society, IGP&I, SeaVision and SSY.

As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation, Coracle has developed the ‘Learning Line’, to give students an easy, inspiring and social way to personalise their learning and share their progress:

• a simple tagging function can be used to capture any online content the student has read or viewed, courses they have progressed in and tests they have taken, with the relevant results
• offline content, such as books read, can similarly be added to the Learning Line, to complete the picture
• the Groups function enables learners to share work with their tutors or other content with their peers, by adding it to their learning line statement.  Tutors could also use the Groups function to share content and communicate with students using the comments box found with each statement. 
• powerful filtering tools give users new ways to search, organise and present their learning data

James Tweed, managing director said:

“Innovation is a critical factor in the growth of the elearning sector and our Learning Line is a good example of the way we respond to our users’ needs.  Today’s learners draw on a huge range of resources, beyond their immediate teaching environment, to create context.   More and more content is now optimized for mobile and tablet devices and they can capture all of it easily and securely within our Learning Line.  It’s a bit like a 'digital wallet' – helping them make their learning experience as social and open as they want it to be.”

Mark Richardson, Head of SSY Futures at SSY said:

“Coracle’s knowledge and understanding of the shipping sector, combined with their open and social approach to elearning, made them an obvious partner when we started to plan our needs.  They bring insight, creativity and discipline and have been key to the development of a new programme we aim to launch soon.”

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