Consumer expectation is driven by experience, which has hardly changed due to the homogeneity of delivery services over the last two decades. However, for the first time now, consumers are beginning to be offered much faster and more convenient delivery options. The thing about consumer expectation is that it only increases; once shoppers become aware that they don’t have to wait, they accept nothing less.

In his whitepaper, Tom Allason, Founder and CEO of Shutl, discusses the recent developments in point-to-point delivery, and its impact on the home delivery industry.
Download the article to find out:
- What’s the greatest influence as to whether or not a customer will shop with a retailer in the future?
- What’s the greatest inhibitor to conversion within a retailer’s website?
- Which logistics model is used in over 99% of all deliveries worldwide?
- Why is the future tense for Amazon?
- What’s the greatest challenge facing ecommerce today?
- How can multi-channel retailers take advantage of point-to-point delivery?

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Shutl is a Platinum Sponsor of Home Delivery World 2013, taking place this April in Nevada.

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