Alexandria, VA – December 18, 2013 -Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the voice of the $162 billion third-party logistics industry, has granted 46 industry professionals the designation of Certified Transportation Brokers (CTB). 

 "The CTB designation truly distinguishes brokers in today's competitive transportation marketplace," said TIA President and CEO Robert Voltmann. "CTB is the mark of respect for transportation intermediaries. Congratulations to this latest group of Certified Transportation Brokers."

 This program was created in 1986 to significantly increase the professionalism and integrity of property brokers. The CTB program tests the knowledge of participants on brokerage, ethics, contracts, pricing, legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the latest trends in transportation and business management.

 Participants must earn at least five candidate points, which are based on professional experience and education, to be eligible to take the examination. The participants must also have at least one year of experience working as a broker. Candidates may earn additional CTB eligibility points if they have completed formal education such as being granted a Bachelor's or a Master's degree.

 TIA, in addition to sponsoring the examination, also offers an online CTB Home Study Course that lasts for a period of up to 17 weeks. The course, which entails rigorous study, helps to prepare those individuals who are seeking CTB certification to prepare for the examination.  More than 1,750 participants have earned the much sought after CTB designation.

 The list of individuals who received CTB certification in December 2013 is:

• Kennedy F. Adolphin Jr., CTB, CEVA Ground US, LP

  • • Vicki Aguilar, CTB, DTS Logistics, LLC Rachael Ashley, CTB, Barton Logistics
  • Kaitlyn Bailey, CTB, Klos Logistics, Inc.
  • Candace Barry, CTB, Radius Logistics
  • Brian Beasley, CTB, FreightValue
  • Eric W. Carlson, CTB, River Bend Transport / Brokerage
  • Allison Carroll, CTB, FreightValue
  • David Chae, CTB, XPO Logistics Canada Inc.
  • Arree Clay, CTB, LEAR Freight Services
  • Amy Donner, CTB, Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc.
  • Vince Freese, CTB, Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
  • Terry Lee Freeze, CTB, FreightValue
  • Randy Gabardi, CTB, Johanson Transportation Service
  • Cory Hoffman, CTB
  • Kyle D. Holtmeyer, CTB, West Plains, LLC
  • Paul Iten, CTB, CEVA Ground US, LP
  • Jason J. Jennings, CTB, Idaho Truck Services, Inc.
  • Gail Jindrich, CTB, JBS Logistics, Inc.
  • Whit Karnes, CTB, Con-Way Multimodal
  • Glen H Lowry, CTB, McLeod Software
  • Susan Magoon, CTB, Rand Whitney Recycling, LLC
  • Laura Matthews, CTB, A.M. Transport Services, Inc.
  • Corey Maxwell, CTB, Navigator Direct Inc
  • Daniel McDaniel, CTB, FreightValue
  • Jennifer L. Mead, CTB, S-2International LLC.
  • George P. Meier, CTB,
  • Brandon Morse, CTB, FreightValue
  • Sheila Myhre, CTB, DTS Logistics, LLC
  • Rachael Reddies, CTB, Navigator Direct Inc
  • Neil Roberts, CTB, FreightValue
  • Leticia Rodgriquez, CTB, The ILS Company
  • Glorivee Rodriguez, CTB, Master Freight Logistic LLC
  • Alicia Ruiz, CTB, Johanson Transportation Service
  • Terrence Ryan, CTB, DRT Transportation LLC
  • Cornelia Schardt, CTB, FreightValue
  • Danielle Schatz, CTB, SeaTruck Inc.
  • Mark Shaver, CTB, FreightValue
  • Ken Shorette, CTB, Time Logistics, Inc.
  • Brad Sneed, CTB, FreightValue
  • Whitney Tapia, CTB, Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc.
  • Julie Van De Kamp, CTB, U.S. Xpress
  • William Van De Kamp, CTB, U.S. Xpress
  • Anita Wallace, CTB, DTS Logistics, LLC
  • Robert Keith Weaver, CTB, CEVA Ground US, LP
  • Tony Wilson, CTB, DTS Logistics, LLC

TIA is the professional organization of the $162 billion third party logistics industry. TIA is the only organization exclusively representing transportation intermediaries of all disciplines doing business in domestic and international commerce. TIA is the voice of transportation intermediaries to shippers, carriers, government officials and international organizations.

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