- Acquisition Marks Start-up of New Service -

Overland Park, KS, December 18, 2013 – Tiger Cool Express LLC, an innovative and cost effective temperature-controlled intermodal transporter of produce and food products, has acquired an initial order of 200 refrigerated containers for its start-up operations this spring.

2013-12-18-Tiger-Cool-Express-containerTom Finkbiner, CEO of Tiger Cool Express, said in making the announcement: “With the increasing interest in trans-continental intermodal transport of door-to-door cargo delivery, Tiger Cool Express is well-positioned to deliver fast, efficient and cost effective temperature controlled and monitored cargo delivery nationwide. The acquisition of our first 200 refrigerated containers for the efficient and safe delivery of fresh produce and food products across the country is just the first of several orders we will be placing as our state-of-the-art energy efficient refrigerated intermodal business grows. Our start-up is moving along quickly.”

Finkbiner said the initial equipment is being supplied by Quest Capital, Inc., of Kansas City, Missouri. The intermodal containers have been ordered from Hyundai Translead of San Diego, California and will be manufactured in Tijuana, Mexico. The refrigeration units will be provided by Carrier Transicold of Southern California and are the X4 7300 model units. Startrak Telematics units have been selected to provide geophysical tracking, internal temperature monitoring and control, with door opening sensors, fuel sensors and accelerometer measurement devices.

“This package of equipment will give Tiger Cool Express and its customers the capability to trace the equipment physically in real time and adds a geo-fencing capability which alerts the company and customer if the equipment is out of route. Additionally, the containers are equipped with four internal temperature sensors to manage and monitor the environment inside the container and record that information during the entire trip. An added feature is an independent ‘coring’ thermometer which tracks the internal temperature of material in a pallet, box or Gaylord,” says Finkbiner. 

“The technology also records when the rear doors open and close, which is useful in determining safety and security issues. Remote monitoring of the fuel levels in the 130 gallon fuel tanks is included in the package, assuring adequate notice for refueling in route. Finally, the accelerometers within the sensor package measure the impacts on the containers in transit, which would include railroad lifting impacts or over the road highway impacts which are useful in determining events leading to cargo damage.”

This entire suite of monitoring information is available to Tiger Cool Express customers in real time via a link on the Company’s website. The containers will be delivered in February 2014 for the start-up of the Tiger Cool Express operation. This fleet of temperature-controlled containers will provide customers with the most comprehensive set of monitoring tools and devices available for perishables cargo.

Tiger Cool Express is backed by Tiger Infrastructure Partners, an independent private equity firm with a focus on investments in a broad range of energy efficient and natural resource investments.

About Tiger Cool Express

Formed in 2013, Tiger Cool Express provides an innovative, lower cost, more reliable and environmentally friendly intermodal alternative to long haul trucking transportation. The company’s solutions overcome structural obstacles that have previously prevented temperature-controlled produce success. The Tiger Cool Express intermodal product provides competitive service levels and cost economies to truck. It utilizes premium trains, operated by its underlying railroad partners, along with pickup and delivery services provided by elite, local trucking firms. For more information visit: www.tigercoolexpress.com

Tiger Cool Express is backed by Tiger Infrastructure Partners, an independent private equity firm focused on investments in the power, renewable energy, natural resources infrastructure, waste management, water, transportation, communications and related sectors. For more information visit: www.tigerinfrastructure.com.

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