2015 05 07 Mai Wiru executive Robert Stevens Toll driver Darren Munch

Toll Express, part of Toll Group, is delivering fresh produce to remote Indigenous communities as part of a vital initiative to ensure access to healthy fresh food for the people of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands.
Each week a Toll Express triple road train travels more than 3,000 kilometres from Adelaide to the APY Lands in northwest South Australia. The trip requires two drivers and takes four days to complete.
The collaborative effort between Toll Express and the Mai Wiru Regional Stores Council provides people in these remote locations with access to fresh, healthy food direct from farmers’ markets in Adelaide.
Toll Express General Manager, Larry O’Regan, said the work was a special win for the transport supplier whose capability and experience proved the necessary combination for the community based Mai Wiru organisation.
“Toll Express is known for transporting time and temperature sensitive freight for a range of industries – including food and retail – between major cities. But we also have the expertise and capability to deliver to customers in hard-to-reach locations like the APY Lands,” Mr O’Regan said.
“Our experience delivering to remote communities in the Northern Territory and Ayres Rock Resort served us well for this project.
“We are proud to have developed a solution with the Mai Wiru team that has not only saved almost $1 million in logistics costs but has reduced delivery times by one and a half days, giving the people of the APY Lands access to fresher food.
“We are getting great feedback from local store owners about our drivers – these operators were chosen specifically to provide this service, and have each been granted permits from the community leaders to access the APY Lands.”
Mr O’Regan said Toll ensures produce is delivered fresh and unloaded in store in compliance with international-standard food handling guidelines.

In the image above: Mai Wiru executive and representing the APY Lands community, Robert Stevens, and Toll Express driver Darren Munch

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