2014-03-11-DPDSpotted by Whichwarehouse today, DPD, one of the world’s leading parcel delivery companies, has announced that it has extended its site logistics contract with the number one global supplier of assembly products and consumables, Würth.   The two businesses have been working collectively since 2005, with DPD transporting approximately 680,000 packages on an annual basis for the Austrian screw and plug manufacturer. This renewed deal will see their partnership continue through until 2016.

Reliability is credited as the main reason why DPD won the renewal of their logistics contract. Würth supplies a lot of their products to the construction industry. Their chief executive, Alfred Wurmbrand, expressed the imperativeness of getting delivery right in such a difficult environment.

He states: “Construction sites can sometimes seem very confusing, especially if several companies are operating on a site simultaneously. It is therefore particularly important that supplies not only arrive at the right time, but also get to exactly the right person.”

Wurmbrand has praised the service provided by DPD as boasting high success rates and a fast delivery. He said: “From the receipt of an order at the Würth headquarters until the arrival of goods with the client, it usually takes less than 24 hours.”

He believes the logistics service is based on a foundation of strong internal procedures and high quality standards, and this is why Würth were eager to renew their deal.

DPD chief executive, Rainer Schwarz, has expressed the significance of the contract extension with the leading assembly products supplier. He said: “In a long-term partnership like the one between Würth and DPD, the potential developments can establish a specialized product that becomes the ideal for the entire market. Würth was not only the first customer for DPD’s site logistics services, but also a pioneer.”

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