TRAXON Europe, the international provider of value-added services to the airfreight industry in the area of e-communication and automation, has attracted a new customer in Germany. The young all-cargo airline ACG Air Cargo Germany with headquarters at Frankfurt-Hahn airport has been using the EDI services of TRAXON Europe since the beginning of the year.

Frankfurt/Main, January 2012 – The German all-cargo carrier ACG Air Cargo Germany, founded in 2008, relies on paperless communication with customers and service providers. The airline is using TRAXON EDI services for messaging, including the electronic exchange of FWB (Master Air Waybill), FHL (House Air Waybill), and FSU (proactive status information) messages worldwide. ACG focuses on airfreight transportation between Europe and South Korea, Hong Kong, P.R. China, the UAE, Kazakhstan, India, South Africa and South America.

TRAXON EDI provides the all-cargo carrier with opportunities to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. In addition, it enables the cargo carrier to meet the requirements of the EU Import Control System (ICS) as well as to participate in the IATA e-freight and Cargo 2000 initiatives. “The paperless message exchange via TRAXON EDI offers our customers clear advantages. This was a key factor for our decision in favor of the TRAXON solution“, says Holger Ufer, Director Ground Operations at ACG. “We are still a very young company. But with TRAXON Europe we have 20 years of experience in global airfreight communication on our side. And we profit from their competence and innovative strength. With TRAXON EDI we meet the demands of our partners along the airfreight supply chain more cost efficiently and faster. In this highly competitive environment we must be better than or at least as good as the competition.”

TRAXON EDI is a byword for first class connectivity, tailor-made consulting services and seamless data transmission. The integrated host-to-host solution supports numerous transmission protocols and is compatible with all common message formats. The contract with TRAXON Europe provides ACG with access to the global TRAXON network. It enables the German all-cargo carrier to do business with all logistics services providers and partners in the air cargo industry on a single, uniform platform using stable host-to-host (EDI) messaging services. In addition, ACG has the option to use several other TRAXON products via TRAXON EDI.

“The co-operation with TRAXON helps ACG to further standardize their processes, simplify business procedures and achieve a higher efficiency at lower costs. The EDI-message exchange is an important pre-requisite to drive further paperless freight handling. The airline quickly realized these advantages. And we were very impressed how fast Air Cargo Germany was connected to the TRAXON network“, says Beverly Seebach, Area Manager Sales (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) at TRAXON Europe.

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TRAXON Europe, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), was founded in 1991. The company’s dedicated professional team provides comprehensive, leading edge electronic communication solutions and services to the airfreight industry. TRAXON Europe’s innovative products help the different partners of the air cargo supply chain to electronically manage air shipments and meet Cargo 2000, IATA e-freight, WCO (World Customs Organization) and postal requirements. They optimize global process quality, increase in-time delivery and document accuracy by eliminating sources of error. TRAXON Europe not only boosts its clients’ customer service and gives them a competitive edge but it also greens their CO2 footprint by eliminating the need for paper.
The global network of TRAXON Europe links more than 9,000 offices of forwarders and third party providers of logistics services with some 100 international airlines. TRAXON Europe generated a turnover of about Euro 9.6 million in 2010. Around 155 million messages were transmitted that year.
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ACG Air Cargo Germany is a German all-cargo carrier with headquarters at the Rhineland-Pfalz airport Hahn. The company was founded in June 2008 and received its operating license as an airline July 14, 2009. ACG operates four modern B747 full freighter (112t capacity) and transported approx. 140 000 t of cargo in 2011 (liner and charter services). The turnover totaled approx. EUR 230 million.
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