An important new cargo link between Northern Europe and China has been launched by AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) with its latest route from Hannover Airport in Germany to Beijing via Moscow.

The new weekly Boeing 747-400 freighter service will primarily transport engineering and automotive parts from the industrial region in North Germany to the Far East. The global logistics company Kühne + Nagel will be the main customer for the new ABC operation. 

“The new connection underlines the growing significance of Hannover Airport on the cargo and logistics map. Hannover Airport is an ideal location with its unrestricted operating permit – 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says State Economics Secretary Dr. Oliver Liersch. “It is also the only airport in North Germany which has a catchment area stretching from the Baltic to France on account of its excellent infrastructure links,” he added.

Dr. Raoul Hille, Managing Director of Hannover Airport, said: “The Asia-Pacific market in particular has a strong interest in direct flights to North Germany, Northern and North-Eastern Europe. There is significant savings potential for the logistics sector on account of the shorter operating times on the ground and therefore lower motorway charges and fuel costs. We are also making a strategic contribution to cut carbon dioxide emissions as part of the move away from fossil fuels by deliberately shortening the feeder services.”

“We can include North Germany, Northern and North East Europe in the global distribution of goods in the best possible way through our central hub in Moscow. We have also recently opened new bases in Asia at Chengdu and Zhengzhou in addition to Beijing,” says Ludwig Hamburger, Vice President and Regional Director EMEA, AirBridgeCargo Airlines.

Klaus Jäger, a member of the management team at Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG, Central European Air Freight, added: “We are establishing an excellent door-to-door product with this route. The launch of the regular cargo link between Hannover and Beijing is an important sign for all the logistics companies in the region that freight traffic is becoming more important at Hannover Airport – not only from a European point of view but also across Asia.”

The aim is to consistently expand the Hannover catchment area in light of the forecast growth in goods traffic between China and Europe over the next few years. Logistics companies will particularly benefit from this.

The airport subsidiaries Aviation Ground Services Hannover GmbH and AirCargo Services Hannover GmbH are providing the ground and freight handling services for ABC.

Hannover Airport

Hannover Airport is the leading holiday airport in North Germany. The current timetable includes more than 100 direct destinations to all the attractive holiday regions. Hannover Airport is the number one address for people planning journeys, as it is very easy to reach and has its own motorway and local railway links and guarantees that every passenger and visitor will be able to park their vehicles. Everything is on the spot and the services that are provided are excellent. The 24-hour operating permit and the intercontinental parallel runway system can handle 60 flights an hour and this provides ideal conditions for smooth air traffic operations. More than 8,000 people work at the airport site and generous space for expansion in the real estate sector not only make Hannover Airport one of the largest employers in Lower Saxony, but also one of the most important logistics and cargo bases.

AirBridgeCargo Airlines

AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) is in charge of scheduled freight operations within Volga-Dnepr Group. Set up in 2004, the company was the first Russian cargo airline to operate Boeing 747 freighters. The current ABC fleet includes 12 Boeing 747 (two B747-200F, one B747-300F, five B747-400ERF, three B-747-400F and one B747-8F). The airline intends to extend its fleet by purchasing new generation long-range Boeing 747-8Fs. Among its key clients are leading worldwide freight forwarders such as Panalpina, DHL, CITS, Nippon Express, CEVA, UTi, Schenker, Dachser, UCS, and Hellmann.

AirBridgeCargo performs flights on major strategic routes in Russia, Europe, USA and Asia. Its route network includes 21 destinations in 11 countries: ABC performs scheduled flights from the largest Asian cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul) to the key European hubs of Frankfurt and Amsterdam and also provides flights from Moscow to Chicago through Amsterdam. As a whole, its route network in Europe includes Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zaragoza, Milan and Paris, Krasnoyarsk and Yekaterinburg. In Central Asia, it serves Almaty, Atyrau. In USA - Chicago. The company has representative offices in Germany (Frankfurt), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Russia (Sankt-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk), Japan (Tokyo), China (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong) while the head office of AirBridgeCargo Airlines is in Moscow.

Carriage of freight on strategic routes is conducted via Moscow using two key airports, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo.

AirBridgeCargo has taken an active part in establishing the hub at Sheremetyevo airport. Hub operations enable ABC to reallocate freight among various flights and have allowed the airline to improve its business model through its transition from linehaul to network services. This has significantly expanded the company’s range of services. Expertise gained from establishing hub operations at Sheremetyevo airport will help the company with the further implementation of its network delivery model, which includes establishing new freight hubs within the Russia territory.

About Kühne + Nagel

With over 61,500 employees at 900 business locations in more than 100 countries, Kühne + Nagel is one of the leading global logistics services companies. It mainly focuses on sea and air freight, third-party logistics and overland traffic with a clear orientation towards sectors with intensive value added like IT-supported lead logistics and supply chain management services. You can find more information at

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