American Airlines Cargo Division (AA Cargo) today announced the launch of an ExpediteTCSM express temperature-controlled service. The airline is offering ExpediteTC to its customers worldwide, following a highly successful trial in the early summer between 10 U.S. and international cities.

Customers with shipments requiring a specific temperature range during transit can book the ExpediteTC service with confidence, knowing that specific temperature ranges will be monitored by AA Cargo personnel at various points during transit - including the maintenance of dry ice and batteries, if needed.

The airline offers a 100 percent flown-as-booked guarantee, in addition to the specialized handling, monitoring and tracking.

ExpediteTC is built on the service reliability of American's Expeditefs freight product, which provides highest boarding priority, high-visibility tracking, and a 100 percent flown-as-booked guarantee.

"When you launch a premium service, you need to be confident that you are delivering exactly what is required to meet customer expectations," said Dave Brooks, President - American Airlines Cargo Division. "That is why we invested a significant amount of time in the engineering of our procedures, automation and training to provide our customers with high-value perishables a reliable, proven service."

AA Cargo worked closely with specialist container manufacturer EnvirotainerTM to offer three container types for American's customers, including LD3, LD7 and "E" type containers, which can also be shipped on narrow-body aircraft. The result is a product that allows the customer to determine the internal temperature - within a range of -20 C to +20 C (-4 F to 68 F). These temperature conditions are particularly valuable to shippers of pharmaceuticals and other high-value perishables.

ExpediteTC shipments receive specialized handling at both departure and arrival airports to ensure the desired temperature remains constant. Each shipment is tracked via AA Cargo's high-visibility monitoring system throughout transit.

"AA Cargo's new service is designed to provide an extremely reliable option for the shipment of temperature-sensitive goods," said Joe Reedy, Vice President - Sales and Marketing for American's Cargo Division. "With the launch of ExpediteTC, we have created a service that will meet the market's requirements very well."

About American Airlines Cargo
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