The Israeli all-cargo carrier C.A.L. has chosen Traxon’s Air Cargo Customs Europe solution to comply with European ICS requirements.

Frankfurt/Main February 2011. Traxon Europe, the international e-communications provider for the air cargo industry, has recently signed a contract with C.A.L. Cargo Air Lines. The airfreight carrier is using the new TRAXON Air Cargo Customs (ACC) Europe solution to comply with the EU Import Control System (ICS) which was scheduled to go live in all EU member states at the beginning of the year. The IT tool provides a simple and efficient service to meet EU Import Control System (ICS) requirements.

C.A.L. operates 7-8 flights per week between Tel Aviv and Liège as well as 3-4 flights per week between Liège and New York JFK. “The new European customs regulation led us to approach Traxon Europe as the leading solution provider in this field. Traxon Europe provides us with a single gateway to all customs organizations in the EU”, said Yaron Oren, CEO of C.A.L. “Our decision to work with Traxon Europe was based on the positive feedback we had received from its current clients and partners.”

“We are very proud that we were able to win C.A.L. as a customer for this new product”, said Carola Bodach, Senior Area Manager Sales of Traxon Europe. “We look forward to deepen our relationship in the years to come.”

Easy solution
The EU Import Control System (ICS) was scheduled to go live in all EU member states on January 1, 2011. Since then, pre-arrival information such as Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) for shipments into the European Union must be provided electronically and within a specified time. This applies to freight offloaded in the EU as well as to freight remaining on board (FROB) and carried on to airports outside the EU. If the required data is not provided, traders risks having goods delayed or their entry refused at the EU border once the grace period announced by some countries is over.

“Our TRAXON Air Cargo Customs (ACC) portfolio covers a wide variety of country specific solutions. All these products neither need massive investment nor extensive staff training. They are easy to maintain due to the single provider and gateway. They save time and money by automating many internal processes and reducing paperwork”, explains Carola Bodach.

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TRAXON Europe, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), was founded in 1991. The company’s dedicated professional team provides comprehensive, leading edge electronic communication solutions and services to the airfreight industry. TRAXON Europe’s innovative products help the different partners of the air cargo supply chain to electronically manage air shipments and meet Cargo 2000, IATA e-freight, WCO (World Customs Organization) and postal requirements. They optimize global process quality, increase in-time delivery and document accuracy by eliminating sources of error. TRAXON Europe not only boosts its clients’ customer service and gives them a competitive edge but it also greens their CO2 footprint by eliminating the need for paper.
The global network of TRAXON Europe links more than 9,000 offices of forwarders and third party providers of logistics services with some 100 international airlines. TRAXON Europe generated a turnover of about Euro 9.3 million in 2009. Around 144 million messages were transmitted that year. 
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Ever since it was founded in 1976, C.A.L. Cargo Airlines has proven, year after year, that air shipment is feasible and worthwhile, providing top-quality professional air cargo services worldwide. C.A.L. carries approximately 100,000 tons of cargo annually, exporting from Israel fresh agricultural produce and industrial materials, and importing heavy machinery, automobiles, sensitive and sophisticated industrial and scientific equipment, livestock and hazardous materials from all over the world. C.A.L. is a proficiently organized and managed boutique air cargo company. Its established service infrastructure is tailored to meet each client’s individual requirements. C.A.L.’s reputation for prompt, efficient and innovative handling technologies of air cargo has secured the company’s leading position in Israel’s airfreight activities. C.A.L. is a “One Stop Shop”, offering a vast range of services and ideal cargo shipping solutions for both export and import, all in one place! C.A.L.’s professionals individually accompany you every step of the way: from booking through storage, shipment and land transport up to the arrival of your cargo at its destination.

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