Global Logistics System (HK) Co., Ltd (GLSHK) announces its successful participation in Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) pilot programme in collaboration with one of its customers Cathay Pacific Cargo. ACAS is a joint initiative by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to collect and analyse pre-departure electronic shipment data for identification of high risk cargo inbound to the US.

 Terry Lo, GLSHK Chief Executive, remarked: “Our ACAS solution caters to the needs of air carriers and freight forwarders of all sizes in helping them comply with TSA requirements. Freight forwarders, in particular, will enjoy significant benefits from using ACAS as it enables them to electronically file mandatory information to the TSA as soon as they receive booking details from their shippers. They will then be notified through our channel whether the freight can be loaded onto an aircraft, helping to streamline the consolidation process.”

Peter Langslow, Cathay Pacific General Manager Cargo Services said: “Accurate transmission of shipment data to local security authorities, including markets with complex requirements such as the United States, is critical. ACAS from GLSHK has proven to be an extremely effective tool for us to seamlessly transmit our data to the US authorities in a way that meets their requirements. We were pleased to participate in the successful pilot programme and even more pleased to now implement the solution throughout our operation.”

 Mr Lo added: “As one of the leaders in global e-freight development, GLSHK is committed to delivering prompt solutions that meet stringent airfreight security standards around the world. I am confident that our customers will see great value in using our solutions.”

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