CHAMP Cargosystems annual Customer Summit ended last week with record participation and commitment to accelerate eCargo adoption within the cargo industry. As the largest single community based around an integrated portfolio of IT services, the CHAMP community, which numbers more than a 100 carriers, GSAs and Ground Handlers coupled with over 3000 forwarders worldwide, is a significant driving force for implementing industry change.

Luxembourg, September 2012 ― The focus of this year’s CHAMP Summit was on CHAMP’s significant user community and world class product portfolio as a means to accelerate the delivery of industry eCargo initiatives. The IATA deadlines for making eAWB mandatory, eCargo Security Declarations possible, and introducing new Cargo 2000 milestones are looming large on the horizon. The leading solutions provider for the air cargo industry offers modular, scalable applications for a step by step roll-out of an eCargo strategy to meet IATA and industry deadlines.

CHAMP ― a byword for industry integration

As foundation services or a first step along the road to eCargo, CHAMP provides global connectivity as well as cargo management systems. These support core air cargo processes, from operations to revenue management, vital to business success. Over 70 airlines and more than 300 handling facilities operate CHAMP’s core systems in over 180 countries. In the past 16 months the IT solutions provider has introduced 2155 product enhancements for these applications as part of its continuous improvement process. CHAMP’s Cargo Community Integration Platform is the largest in the industry and currently interconnects some 3,000 forwarders and over 200 airlines and other supply chain participants worldwide. They exchange some 17 million messages per month.

The next step along the eCargo road is enabling services that bring increased return on investments (ROI) through smarter operations. These include data and process quality improvement, e-AWB and e-Booking portals, as well as mobility solutions. The third level, which enables the transformation to a seamlessly paper-free process are e-Customs and e-Security solutions to support new businesses, business models, and processes. 76 airlines already use CHAMP’s customs solutions in 35 countries. 50% of all Cargo 2000 shipments are monitored by CHAMP.

CHAMP stressed the importance of the size of the community in the face of the continued trend to regionalisation and globalisation. At the same time local issues are taken into account by blending local variations into a global framework. “As investments funds are scarce in the air cargo industry the future lies in community based systems and services that allow all participants along the transport chain to share the investment costs and benefit from economies of scale”, said James Fernandez, Vice President Global Commercial Operations at CHAMP Cargosystems. CHAMP also highlighted the ease of interoperability and integration of its solutions.

“CHAMP offers a single channel for eCargo trading, enabling customers and partners to effectively transition to a totally e-enabled world that transforms their air cargo business. The aim is total paper-freedom! We have firmly set our eyes on this goal. The eCargo movement is gaining momentum. And we are showing our clients a path how to meet both their own, industry aligned IATA targets,” said James Fernandez. “Close interaction with the CHAMP community at events such as the CHAMP Summit enables us to offer better solutions or additional functionalities not yet available,” he added.

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The roadmap to eCargo is also the focal point of CHAMP’s participation in the TIACA Air Cargo Forum (ACF) 2012. The IT provider is using this opportunity to meet customers and potential clients to discuss their concerns about eCargo and stumbling blocks in product roll-outs. CHAMP is thus able to learn more about customer needs and priorities as well as the impact and opportunities, for example, of new safety and security legislation. The collaboration and consultation with forward thinking, experienced air cargo professionals enables CHAMP to anticipate trends and develop future oriented products or product improvements and extensions faster to meet the requirements of legislators and cargo people today and tomorrow.

Company Portrait:

CHAMP Cargosystems provides the most comprehensive range of integrated IT solutions and distribution services for all players in the air cargo transport chain. CHAMP is a byword for business-critical content and best of class, reliable connectivity between air cargo carriers, GSAs, GHAs, and forwarders worldwide. The portfolio spans cargo management systems, the largest cargo community integration platform with message distribution services, and an extensive selection of innovative eCargo solutions. These include applications to meet customs & security requirements, quality optimization, as well as e-freight and mobility needs. The products are marketed under the Cargospot and Traxon brands.

The CHAMP group provides value-adding services to over 200 airlines and GSAs worldwide and links these with more than 3000 forwarders with over 9000 offices. CHAMP is an IATA Strategic Partner, Cargo 2000 Associate, Business Objects Gold Partner and AACO partner. Headquartered in Luxembourg, CHAMP has offices in London, Zurich, Atlanta, Manila and Frankfurt/Main. For further information see

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