Dear Customers:                                    

Please kindly be informed that China Airlines will adjust the cargo fuel surcharge for all shipments ex-Taiwan effective from 16OCT, 2009, which is based on China Airlines’ fuel price index(FPI) of 366 located at the index range 360-379 of the CI’ s 〝Cargo Fuel Surcharge Mechanism from Taiwan.〞

Details are as below:

 Area  I , II:  TWD 26/KG  ( i/o 24 )
 Area  III    :    TWD  9/KG   ( i/o  8  )

Meanwhile, all charges are based on chargeable weight except those minimum charges applied. Please also kindly view China Airlines’ Cargo Service Web-site to get more details of China Airlines’〝Cargo Fuel Surcharge Mechanism from Taiwan.〞 (

Your continued support will be highly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

China Airlines

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