DUBAI, U.A.E., 31st March 2009 – Emirates SkyCargo’s first Boeing 777 Freighter has arrived in Dubai after completing its inaugural commercial flight from Hong Kong.

The carrier took delivery of the new-generation freighter at Boeing’s Everett, Washington facility on the weekend. From there it went directly to Hong Kong, still one of the carrier’s most robust routes, where it was loaded with cargo bound for Dubai and beyond.

The Boeing 777F, with its range and environmental advantages over other freighters in the market, will play an integral role in Emirates’ freighter fleet. It boasts the longest range capability of all twin engine jets, able to fly non-stop between Dubai and major cargo centres such as Frankfurt and Hong Kong with a full 103-tonne payload.

Renowned for its fuel efficiency – the Boeing 777F uses less fuel per tonne of cargo than other freighters available, significantly reducing the fuel bill – it is also the quietest freighter flying today (QC2 compliant).

The new aircraft will complement Emirates existing fleet of Boeing 777 passenger aircraft. This year, the airline will become the largest Boeing 777 operator in the world, already operating more than 70. Sixty five per cent of all Emirates SkyCargo traffic travels in the belly of its wide-bodied passenger aircraft.

Ram Menen, Divisional Senior Vice President Cargo, said, “This freighter is part of our long-term investment for Emirates SkyCargo.”

He acknowledged that while the air cargo industry was currently experiencing its toughest period since the beginning of the jet age, world air cargo traffic was still forecast to triple over the next 20 years, and said that Emirates needed to be prepared for when these predicted growth levels returned.

“In the last 15 years a tremendous amount of work has gone into developing the science of supply chain management. Inventory and logistics management are two of the most critical elements of the supply chain and with globalisation of manufacturing and of the marketplace, reliability of transport plays a very important role. Just-in-time and vendor managed inventory is what creates a very cost efficient supply chain with time becoming a crucial factor.

“Emirates has opted for these brand new, super-efficient aircraft to ensure we are best placed to serve the industry’s requirements in the long term. Freighters have a greater role in today’s supply chain – transporting cargo directly from production to consumption.”

Emirates SkyCargo will take delivery of another Boeing 777F later this year, with a further two on order.

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