(Hong Kong, 14 November 2011) Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited (“Tradelink”), Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (“Cathay Pacific”) and Global Logistic System (HK) Company Limited (“GLSHK”) announced a joint effort in promoting an end-to-end paper-free air cargo process flow amongst all parties concerned along the work flow.  The move supports the implementation of the e-freight project, an industry-wide initiative facilitated by IATA, involving carriers, freight forwarders, ground handlers, shippers and customs authorities.  The initiative aims at removing paper documentation for air cargo processing and replacing it with electronic documents.

Tradelink, Cathay Pacific and GLSHK showcased a first-of-this kind, seamless e-freight solution to the air cargo industry.  The solution was provided to a major German buying office, Hermes-OTTO International, its consignee - WITT Weiden, the origin forwarder - OTEL On Time, the destination forwarder - Group 7 and the airline, Cathay Pacific.  Cathay Pacific implemented 100% e-AWB in HKG since January this year and fully support the e-freight initiative worldwide. With the exchanges of core transport and trade documents amongst all parties concerned through the interconnected messaging infrastructure of Tradelink and GLSHK, Hermes-OTTO International was able to deliver its air shipment from Hong Kong to WITT Weiden in Frankfurt without a single piece of paper.  From this electronic solution, all parties concerned benefited from lower operating costs, faster service, greater accuracy and enhanced visibility.

Mr. Lionel Kwok, Chief Executive Officer of GLSHK said, “Replacing paper documentation with electronic messaging will certainly bring huge benefit to the airfreight industry in terms of increased efficiency, improved visibility and cost saving. Customers will also enjoy a faster service as a result. We fully support the e-freight initiative of IATA and we are pleased to partner with Tradelink and Cathay Pacific to pursue the vision.”

Mr. Michael Wu, Chief Executive Officer of Tradelink said, “Tradelink is pleased to work with Cathay Pacific and GLSHK; without whose effort and expertise, this end-to-end paper-free e-freight process would not have been possible.  We aim to build on this successful cooperation with our partners and Hermes-OTTO International to develop more end user solutions to the industry.  As an advocate of e-freight, we always look for solutions to support our customers wherever their locations.”

About Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited
Established in 1988, Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited is a leading provider of e-trade services for both Hong Kong and international business communities. Over the years, by perfecting its infrastructure and developing services that meet users’ practical needs, Tradelink has earned the trust of the trading community and built a superb reputation that underscores its dominance in the public e-trading services sector.  Since 1997, Tradelink has been providing Government Electronic Trading services for the trading community, initially with a 7-year exclusive franchise (1997-2003) granted by the Government, following two renewed licences of a period of six years (2004-2009) and seven years (2010-2016) respectively. On 28 October 2005, Tradelink was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 0536). For more information about Tradelink, please visit www.tradelink.com.hk.

About Global Logistics System (HK) Company Limited
Global Logistics System (HK) Co., Ltd is one of the leading e-distribution solution providers with proven track record in implementing e-cargo information interchange solutions for the airfreight industry. GLSHK is a Strategic Partner in IATA’s e-freight project and is the “First in Asia” fully compliant CDMP service provider (certified by Cargo2000). Appointed Cathay Pacific Airways’ solution partner, GLSHK provided solutions to help the carrier to implement 100% e-AWB for all Hong Kong export shipments as of 1 January 2011. For more information about GLSHK, please visit www.glshk.com.

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