The cargo division of Turkish Airlines has recently extended the strategic partnership agreement with TRAXON Europe first signed in 1999. The airline can now also receive FHL messages.

Frankfurt/Main, November 2011 - Turkish Cargo has prolonged the EDI agreement with TRAXON Europe, the international e-communications services provider to the airfreight industry, for a further three years. In addition, the airline has extended the scope of the contract to cover FHL (House Air Waybill) in addition to FWB (Master Air Waybill) messaging for all customers.

The agreement gives Turkish Cargo access to the TRAXON Europe network world-wide. The aim is to further drive Turkish Airlines e-freight capabilities and to enable the Turkish national carrier to do business with all logistics and industry partners on a single, uniform platform using stable host-to-host (EDI) messaging services.

Exchanging FHLs is especially important for import shipments into the European Union. All airlines must comply with EU Import Regulations, known as ICS (Import Control System). The new EU regulations have become mandatory since January 01, 2011. Turkish Cargo has already informed its Turkish customers about the new FHL capabilities.

“The cooperation with TRAXON helps us to further streamline processes, simplify operations, and achieve a higher efficiency at reduced costs. The e-services offered by Turkish Cargo simplify the airfreight forwarder’s working day and help reduce mistakes. EDI messaging is an important prerequisite for advancing the cause of paperless airfreight”, explains Serdar Demir, Manager Cargo Handling Contracts at Turkish Airlines Cargo.

“The three year extension of the agreement with Turkish Cargo strengthens our market position in Turkey. It underlines our ability to meet the changing needs of carriers large and small. It also speaks for our product offering and high quality standards,” says René Kircil, Senior Area Manager Sales at TRAXON Europe.

TRAXON Europe, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), was founded in 1991. The company’s dedicated professional team provides comprehensive, leading edge electronic communication solutions and services to the airfreight industry. TRAXON Europe’s innovative products help the different partners of the air cargo supply chain to electronically manage air shipments and meet Cargo 2000, IATA e-freight, WCO (World Customs Organization) and postal requirements. They optimize global process quality, increase in-time delivery and document accuracy by eliminating sources of error. TRAXON Europe not only boosts its clients’ customer service and gives them a competitive edge but it also greens their CO2 footprint by eliminating the need for paper.

The global network of TRAXON Europe links more than 9,000 offices of forwarders and third party providers of logistics services with some 100 international airlines. TRAXON Europe generated a turnover of about Euro 9.6 million in 2010. Around 155 million messages were transmitted that year.

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Turkish Airlines was founded as a national airline company in 1933 and transported its first international cargo in 1936. In 2000, the cargo activities were consolidated into Turkish Cargo. Turkish Cargo extended its services and now offers scheduled cargo flights to 160 destinations, including 19 national airports. The company also offers road feeder services to meet expanding customer demand in the region.

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