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You can reach the 3PL News audience in two main ways: Submit a press release, and/or place a banner ad.



  • Will go out by email to all subscirbers. About 2,000 emails will be sent.
  • Will be shared on Social Media with our followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook; Total audience of about 15,000 followers.
  • Will remain on indefinitely;
  • All html links in the press release will be preserved for your SEO benefits
  • Cost: one time fee of US$100 per press release
  • Will be posted on all pages of, including the home page.
  • Banner size 300x100px. You can stack multiple banners for a taller ad.
  • Cost for event banners: one time fee of US$100 per event. (Banners not related to events cost US$100/month)

(562) 270-4040
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