In April 2011, Aberdeen benchmarked 149 supply chain related executives on their business intelligence initiatives in their study “Business Intelligence Command and Control Center for the Chief Supply Chain Officer”. The study revealed that the top pressures companies are facing are the growing complexity of global operations (57%), the lack of visibility at various nodes of the supply chain (41%) and the need to improve top line revenue (40%). On the other hand, only 33% of companies have had a supply chain business intelligence initiative in place for more than two years. Given this lack of maturity, the need for business intelligence is more than ever before.

Check out MercuryGate’s whitepaper on embedded analytics to find out:

• What Embedded Analytics (EA) is
• How EA can automatically reward best performing carriers with quicker payment without having to hand-analyze each transaction
• How EA can automatically determine the best and most effective carrier to offer a load to without your intervention
• How EA can develop target rates as a benchmark for negotiating contracts to result in lower freight costs

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