UnleashWD is the only innovation summit for the Wholesale Distribution industry.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 08, 2013 - Save the date for the most innovative event of 2013.

Recently featured on the Harvard Business Review blog, UnleashWD 2013 brings together game-changers and trendsetters from world class organizations to Chicago Oct. 29-30.

Eighteen storytellers will provide examples of innovation in their industry during 18-minute sessions. Attendees will learn how to “lift and shift” the examples into their own businesses during workshops.

“This year’s UnleashWD will change lives, propel careers, and open new doors,” Dirk Beveridge, UnleashWD founder, said. “Our 18 storytellers will change the way that attendees look at their business and coach them on how to apply new models to create value in sustainable ways.”

Beveridge, the CEO of 4th Generation Systems, a business consulting firm, came to a realization in 2012 that many wholesale distributors remained married to traditional business models even as external forces changed their marketplace.

“Decades of success creates a disadvantage in this instance,” Beveridge said. “Why change a model that worked? That is not the case anymore, and as their market changes, wholesale distributors need to innovate. UnleashWD provides guidance on how to adapt and thrive in this age of disruption.”

To accomplish this, UnleashWD brings innovators from outside of wholesale distribution to build new business models.

What did 2012 attendees think about UnleashWD?

“When you get together with other companies that have done something you thought was impossible it makes you rethink, ‘what’s my ceiling’?” Ryan PolkVP, Business Unit Strategy and Performance LDI Ltd said.

According to Joe Nettemeyer, President and CEO of Valin Corporation, “If your traditional business model is no longer producing the same results, and you’re seeking new thoughts and ideas that can help bring new vigor to your organization, you need to attend this event.”

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The storyteller lineup for this year’s event includes:

Saul Kaplan, Chief Catalyst at Business Innovation Factory, brings fresh perspective to entire industries. He changes lives and companies by creating real world laboratories for innovators to test new business models. Prior to the summit, Kaplan will participate in a May 2 webinar on business model innovation. UnleashWD invites anyone interested in innovating to register here.

Angela Maiers, owner of Maiers Educational Services, started the global phenomena “You Matter.” The educator and technology consultant gained more than 70,000 views for her TEDx speech on the subject.

Deb Mills-Scofield, Owner of Mills-Scofield LLC, brings more than 25 years of experience in high technology. Her advice will help attendees build actionable strategic plan at UnleashWD 2013.

For a complete lineup of speakers visit UnleashWD.com. This is the second annual UnleashWD innovation summit, which is made possible because of our sponsors Netsuite and Zilliant.

NetSuite offers a unified cloud platform to provide a real-time 360-degree view of your customers and business, anytime, anywhere. The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition automates and streamlines business processes, so you can cut costs and grow profits. NetSuite also sponsors the May 2 webinar.

Zilliant is a technology solutions company that helps businesses make their numbers through price optimization and sales effectiveness solutions. Zilliant will host a webinar prior to and host a lift and shift session at the summit.

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About the founder:

Dirk Beveridge is an expert in how wholesale distributors and manufacturers increase market share through examining and improving their relationship with customers.

For the last 25 years Beveridge has worked with more than 3,000 firms as a leadership consultant, trainer and speaker. His clients include: Time Warner, IBM, Andersen Windows, Graybar and Berlin Packaging.

He is available for press interviews, corporate speaking or consulting. To contact Beveridge, call 847-381-7797 or email info(at)unleashwd(dot)com.

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