PowerLift Company Ltd. (PowerLift) will organize its second annual event “PowerLogistics Asia 2013”. This event is specifically focused to the project logistics service providers, mainly Asia based, as well as for the consumers of these services, namely:  
• Oil & gas
• Heavy engineering
• wind power
• Mining

Hear Mr. Aaron Sen, Singapore Branch Head of Ship and Aircraft Finance Asia Pacific, Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale speak about his experience and knowledge on the freight forwarding industry at PowerLogistics Asia 2013 Conference on 30th-31st October 2013 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
Here’s a brief interview with Aaron Sen, on his views about the finance industry and the heavylift industry.

1. What Impact is the global financial meltdown having, and what will this mean in the coming years?
The global financial crisis has a severe impact on ship finance. Several banks are either reducing their exposure in this specialized industry or even gradually exiting. This will mean in the coming years that ship lending will become a scarce commodity.

2. What challenges have you faced after the financial meltdown?
Directly after the financial meltdown back in 2008 the foremost relevant challenge was to keep funding and liquidity intact. Following the financial crisis the focus switched to the problems then occurring due to the sharp cool-down of the world economy.

3. Is your industry credit crunch immune?
Banking is not credit crunch immune as still bank to bank business forms a relevant part of a banks funding strategy.

4. What are the effects of the new world finance order on the heavy lift industry?
It is, and mostly likely will be in the near future, more difficult to get lending for newbuilding projects for heavy lift vessels.

See you there at PowerLogistics Asia 2013 Exhibition and Conference on 30th-31st October 2013 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
Visit www.powerlogisticsasia2013.com for more information.


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