PowerLift Company Ltd. (PowerLift) will organize its second annual event “PowerLogistics Asia 2013”. This event is specifically focused to the project logistics service providers, mainly Asia based, as well as for the consumers of these services, namely:  
• Oil & gas
• Heavy engineering
• wind power
• Mining

Hear Mr. Graham Carl Brooking, Rigging Superintendent, Technip Chiyoda Joint Venture speak about his experience and knowledge on the freight forwarding industry at PowerLogistics Asia 2013 Conference on 30th-31st October 2013 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. 
Here’s a brief interview with Graham Carl Brooking, on his views about the project logistics industry relation with the EPCs industry. 
1. What are the most problematic aspects of the logistics chain for your company in its main projects?
For this project we have lost valuable time due to delivery of overseas materials and clearing customs, the second concern has been the racecourses that sub-contractors can provide in terms of skill and equipment

2. What is it about your suppliers that make them stand out?
Our suppliers are not a group I work with constantly but there detail to quality and delivery schedule has been constant

3. Do you have preferred suppliers for each leg on the logistics chain?
I have no answer for this question as it is not in my scope

4. What does the heavy-lift and project cargo industry do well and where is credit due in terms of services provided by the industry?  
The preparation of both my heavy-lift team and transportation has been outstanding they have been involved in every aspect of the tasks given to them sharing ideas as well as being able to help solve critical issues

5. What is the driving force behind your choice of heavy lift provider?
A heavy-lift provider must be able to produce workable solutions to the work site bringing technical and experience to the site, provide flexibility to site conditions and problem solving on site.

6. Which sectors in particular are driving the project cargo pipeline in your region?
LNG is our prime driving force

7. Which economies in particular are attracting the interest of your company?
I am unable to comment on the companies interests as a independent contractor

8. Do you think your region needs to import equipment from other regions to ensure that the project pipeline is not restricted by any lack of equipment?
The equipment is available in the region for most part but due to the influx of projects in the area shortages are experienced in supply

9. Where is additional investment really needed in the EPC industry?
Skills training and on site experience are crucial aspects that need to be addressed

See you there at PowerLogistics Asia 2013 Exhibition and Conference on 30th-31st October 2013 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Visit www.powerlogisticsasia2013.com for more information.

PowerLogistics Asia 2013 Exhibition & Conference, the region’s most important Project Logistics event.

Logistics for:

• Oil
• Gas
• Mining
• Heavy Engineering

The Republic of Singapore is the major regional logistics hub for the oil and gas, heavy engineering, petrochemical, maritime and offshore supply industry. It accommodates numerous multinational headquarters and serves as an important project cargo trans-shipment center for Southeast Asia the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia. Learn, discuss and network with our world-class senior executive level speakers and audience, Experience energetic panel discussions on the issues effecting the project logistics industry, Get to know the up-to-date developments we are facing in chartering, shipping, lifting & handling all with focus on project cargo for the oil & gas, energy, heavy engineering and mining industries.

When: October 30th – 31st, 2013

Where: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Attendees: Decision making professionals in oil & gas, specialized project logistics, heavy engineering, mining and related functions

Why Attend: Join PowerLogistics Asia 2013 to network with over 160 industry professionals by joining the conference and meeting the industry players at the exhibition. Find out what the future holds for the project shipping industry in this most dynamic region of the world only at PowerLogistics Asia 2013 conference.


·         Break Bulk & Project Charterers / Forwarders
·         Specialized Logistics Service Providers
·         Shipping Lines Specializing in Break Bulk and Ro/Ro
·         Ports and Terminals
·         Heavy Lift and Haulage Equipment Providers
·         SPMTS, Cranes, Trucks, Trailers, Lifting Equipment
·         Government Agencies
·         Offshore Supply Bases


·         Oil & Gas
·         Petrochemical
·         Energy
·         Mining
·         Heavy Engineering
·         Procurement and Construction
·         Steel and Cement
·         Pulp and Paper
·         Wind Power and Offshore Supply

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About the PowerLift Company Ltd. (PowerLift):

PowerLift is a the leading organizer of project logistics related conferences, exhibitions and training seminars designed to open up a world of opportunities in the world of oil & gas, heavy engineering and other project logistics relation specialties.

Visit: www.powerlogisticsasia2013.com for more information.

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