I love shopping online. Pajamas are a perfectly acceptable dress code and I don't have to deal with mall traffic. Or other shoppers.

It's really a glorious creation.

If you're like me, however, occasions arise when you order something online that you really don't want to wait for. The earliest option is next day though, so you're rather stuck.

This sounds like a conundrum brought about by laziness that could easily be solved by shucking the aforementioned pajamas, putting on proper clothing, and going to the store to purchase what you want.

The interesting thing is though, that due to the tremendous rise of online shopping and digital media, it's gotten more difficult to find the things you're looking for in the physical realm of retailers. Netflix has slain Blockbuster, and when I go to Best Buy to pay for season 4 of Paranormal State, they don't carry it.

So back to square one.

There is a point to this.

Enter Shutl.

Started in the United Kingdom, Shutl offers same-day delivery services with packages arriving within 90 minutes of the order during business hours of the retailer you're buying from. Shoppers can place orders at any time though, and if the retailer is currently closed they can specify a delivery time for the next day, which Shutl will deliver within the hour.

So, you may think, this is obviously awesome - why isn't Amazon doing it? The thing about Shutl is that it minimizes costs by coordinating orders with local retailers and courier companies - it's all in the software. The company itself doesn't hire drivers or own trucks. It's an efficient agile and low cost business model that has become wildly successful, seemingly overnight.

 As of this month, it has been announced that Shutl will be expanding service to 20 North American cities, including Chicago, New York (Whoop!), San Francisco, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, and Philadelphia. (You can read the original article for a full list of cities.)

Long live pajama shopping.

Shutl is a Platinum Sponsor of Terrapinn's Home Delivery World, taking place this April 9-10 in Las Vegas. Why not stop by and say hello? Click here to check out the website.

- Blog provided by Laura Lupo, Marketing Manager at Terrapinn, Inc.

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