Justin Archard, managing director of SAL Heavy Lift sees a vast extension of heavy lift vessel capabilities in the last 10 years as heavy lift shipping is currently reinventing itself “What used to be considered heavy is now no longer considered heavy simply because of the capacity and knowledge that exists.”

Speaking ahead of his presentation to the Power Logistics 2013 conference to be held at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, October 30-31, Archer questions the term heavy lift in itself “What in fact is a heavy lift and what defines it?  5 years ago you would have had a different answer to the one you’d get today.”

His speech will discuss how companies are maximizing the commercial opportunities with regard to the blue water space taking into account the threats to the health of the industry: “Oversupply and price erosion will be one of the catalysts of change in the industry where high quality HLV owners will ultimately disconnect from the mass supply offerings, operating fewer ships of higher technical capacity and quality.” He said.  

Archer will discuss possibilities for the future with a global perspective at PowerLogistics Asia 2013 “Asia, Europe and the Middle East will probably continue in their volume based dominance, but the challenges for the upper end and specialist part of the heavy lift business will be in emerging countries where infrastructure both on and offshore will offer exciting opportunities.”   

He added that the market is vastly oversupplied with vessels capable of meeting all the needs of current projects. It will remain so for some time to come.

For more about PowerLogistics Asia 2013, go to www.powerlogisticsasia2013.com

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