After making the decision to expand internationally, Canada is one of the first countries that United States retailers consider. However, despite being located in such close proximity to the U.S. and sharing a language, Canada has vastly different cultural and economic spheres. Why now more than ever are American retailers crossing the Northern border?

Research has shown that Canadian shopping malls brought in 50% more sales per square foot than U.S retailers in 2011. Additionally, with announcements that a myriad of Canadian stores have been shutting their doors it seems like the perfect time for American retailers to attempt to enter the market. The Canadian market has extensive room for growth, especially when viewed comparatively to the American market. Beyond this, studies have shown that in Canada a larger portion of the population has disposable income than in the United States.

We’ve compiled a list of eight major American companies who have recently made the move across the border or about to enter the Canadian market and why. Feel like we missed some major players who have either just entered the market or are about to? Send us an email with any companies you feel should be on this list.

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For each of these 8 companies, find out:
- The year they expanded to Canada
- Key executives
- Major competitors in Canada
- Company background
- Canadian expansion
- Fun facts

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