Mexico City based logistics firm gains increased functionality with warehouse management system upgrade.

Clearwater, FL (Jan. 21, 2010)–  ABC Logística, a logistics company specializing in servicing the electronics and telecommunications industries has made a recent upgrade to their business process through the migration to Datex Corporation’s FootPrint® 3PL WMS.  ABC provides solutions for their clientele in warehousing, cross docking, distribution, inverse logistics and value added services.  Operations are conducted from a 10,300 m2 facility where due to their design, they are able to provide increased efficiency and the speed required to handle the products of their customers. 

In regards to the recent migration, Arturo Martinez, project manager at ABC Logística commented, “We’ve received tremendous benefits from Datex’s newest version of their program, FootPrint® WMS.   The system contains new features that help us work more efficiently and others that were greatly improved, allowing us to get important tasks done in less time.”

FootPrint® is the latest Warehouse Management System provided by Datex, developed in Microsoft .NET.  This new version will provide ABC with greater functionality, speed and user friendliness, allowing them to stay on top of technological advancement with the latest tools available.  The functionality benefits of FootPrint® WMS include items such as order entry, inbound and outbound operations, load container management, trans-loading, 3PL billing, etc.  The system will also allow for multiple allocation strategies such as FIFO, FMFO, and FEFO and keeps track of fixed weight, variable weight, manufacture date, expiration date, lot and serial numbers.  FootPrint® ePortal has also been redesigned using the latest technology, providing ABC with the opportunity to allow their customers to view and create orders, check inventory and review reports online with real-time information.

“Datex’s WMS was the first and only choice to manage our inventory since ABC’s inception.  Because ABC Logística manages inventory for a wide variety of customers, it’s imperative that we have a reliable tool to document each and every record entered.  I believe that the services we are able to provide by using Datex’s FootPrint® make it the most important feature we have to offer our clients,” states Martinez.
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