Provides Cost-effective Solution to Small and Mid-sized Online Retailers in Japan Seeking Professional Warehouse and e-Fulfillment Capabilities
TOKYO - Apr 20, 2009: ATENA Corporation and Infor Japan announced plans to collaborate in warehouse management services. As part of the collaboration, ATENA, a Japan-based third-party logistics (3PL) provider, will use Infor SCM Warehouse Management software to deliver warehouse management and e-fulfillment services to small and mid-sized (SMB) online retailers.

Typical 3PL providers are challenged to serve online retailers, because these retailers have specialized needs and use varied IT systems. Segmenting customers' needs and providing a high-level of service is difficult because most 3PL providers lack an integrated view of the warehouse. ATENA is standardizing these workflows and processes, implementing them through Infor SCM Warehouse Management, and plans to deliver the service to customers in Japan beginning in May 2009.

Online SMB retailers, and traditional retailers with online storefronts, often stock inventory at their location and use their own staff to pick and ship products. ATENA can provide these companies a complete warehouse management solution using professional software and expert processes. The combined solution enables retailers to focus on their core retail business rather than building and managing their own warehouse management system.

Satoshi Murakami, President of Nihon Infor Global Solutions K.K. said, "Through collaboration with ATENA, more customers can now benefit from the capabilities of a robust warehouse management solution. Infor has experience working with other major 3PL providers around the world and ATENA's selection of Infor is another expert endorsement of the value of our software."

Kazuhiko Watanabe, Executive Director of ATENA said, "We have chosen Infor SCM Warehouse Management for our distribution service platform because of its reputation in the industry and its reliability. It offers a number of important features, like multi-tenancy, segregation of inventory, transactional-level billing pools, and voice picking. Using Infor, the ATENA solution is especially suited to direct mailing and online shopping retail stores, since it provides built-in warehouse and e-fulfillment capabilities that they do not have the time or resources to build on their own."

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