DALLAS-- NextPay LLC, (www.nextpay-usa.com), a premier provider of merchant and bankcard services, announced it signed a multi-year agreement with Retail Shipping Associates (RSA) to act as the exclusive credit card processor for this retail mail and parcel trade organization with over 3000 members in all fifty states. (www.rscentral.org)

“As the economy continues to be soft, ‘mom and pop’ retailers are impacted at a troubling rate,” said Brandon Gale, president of RSA. “Our members are typically small, single-store operations struggling to cut costs and become more efficient. Nextpay’s offer of better rates, technology and customer service is very compelling.”

Under the agreement, NextPay will offer members of RSA its complete credit and debit card processing services, eCheck and ACH processing, recurring and online billing as well as its payment gateway and virtual terminal technologies.

"The NextPay member benefit program will also save our members time as it makes the confusing world of credit card processing more transparent,” Gale continued.

“We know NextPay can make a difference for these merchants, because our pricing is more straightforward; our proprietary technology is simple to use and highly secure,” said Lynn Varnell, NextPay chief operating officer. “Our RSA program eliminates or reduces most traditional processor fees.”

NextPay is a Level One Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant processor - the highest security standard in the industry. As debit and credit card usage grows -- combined with the payment card industry's 2010 deadline for security compliance – it is critical that merchants secure their processing networks and protect cardholders’ information.

About NextPay Merchant Services. NextPay is the "Next Generation of Merchant Services," providing merchants with the tools and technologies to make processing credit cards, simple and secure. NextPay Is a division of Brinkman Financial Company (BFC) --a leader in the development of technology for the financial services industry. Throughout its 25-year history of serving the Fortune 500, BFC has developed technology products n for the banking, transportation and ecommerce sectors which allow for greater security, increased efficiencies and reduction in costs.

About Retail Shipping Associates. Retail Shipping Associates (RSA) is a trade organization with more than 3000 members which provides single-point-of-contact resourcing to the retail pack and ship industry.

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