Leading analyst firm & supply chain software vendor see major internal, external challenges facing companies: establishing an efficient multi-tier business network.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 20, 2011 - Cambashi, a global market research, industry analyst and consulting firm (http://www.cambashi.com) and Vecco International, delivering world-class supply chain collaboration solutions (http://www.veccointl.com), today announced that they will jointly present at the 2011 OpsInsight Leadership Forum, to be held April 28-29 in Boston.

Cambashi Principal Analyst Julie Fraser and Vecco CEO Jonathan Kall will co-present the session, "Creating a Highly Responsive Multi-tier Business Network through Collaborative Execution." The two leaders will focus on the challenges of competing in today's volatile global markets, which increasingly relies on synchronizing a complex network of trading partners to deliver value.

"Creating information transparency and speeding decisions internally and with trading partners is becoming essential for companies of all sizes," Kall said. "Firms with flexible and agile supply chains can better react to the volatility of today's global markets and gain significant strategic advantages." Vecco International's Allegro suite of collaborative supply chain execution solutions allows companies to create highly responsive, demand-driven business networks that solve today's global supply and fulfillment challenges.

"The need to coordinate and collaborate among supply chain partners is only intensifying with uncertainty in demand and supply as well as pricing," said Fraser. "As the Japanese earthquake shows, ripples move through a supply chain very rapidly and have major impacts on deliveries, revenues and profits."

The OpsInsight Leadership Forum is an educational networking event designed specifically to generate discussion among those with an advanced knowledge of business operations management, including chief operating officers, vice presidents of operations and supply chain, and other business leaders involved in overall strategy. More information about the conference is available at http://www.halcyonba.com/opsinsight.html.

About Cambashi
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