Within seconds, Floodgate Quote Refresh populates quote packages with updated rate amendments, surcharges and fees

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, April 30, 2013 – CargoSphere, the leading, cloud-based global rate management solution and confidential rate network for the ocean and air logistics industry, today introduces Floodgate Quote Refresh - a freight rate quoting enhancement that allows logistics service providers (LSP) to quickly and efficiently refresh quotes with timely and accurate freight rate updates. 

Day in and day out, freight forwarders and NVOCCs (non-vessel operating common carriers) prepare origin/destination freight rate quotes for their customers.  They are burdened with the task of tracking and managing complex, non-stop freight rate changes and carrier amendments for an enormous range of global trade lanes.  Quotes must reflect accurate, up-to-date pricing including scheduled rate hikes, surcharges and fees.  Managing this rate complexity with manual processes is simply too time-consuming and inefficient.  Floodgate Quote Refresh eases this burdensome task by automating the update process. Customers open the floodgates on their quotes and let the new rates rush right in for a faster, more efficient operation.

“Over the past four months, Unique Logistics International reviewed several rate management companies.  During the process, we found that none of the other companies could meet our requirement of refreshing rate quotes.  CargoSphere was perceptive to understand that this was a deal breaker.  It turns out they were already developing their “Floodgate feature” which was exactly what we needed.   This cooperation to address our concerns and deliver a solution were some of the positive factors that contributed to the Unique Group selecting CargoSphere,” said David Hickmott, Partner/Executive Vice President, Unique Logistics International.

 “Our product management team is committed to developing game-changing technology to simplify this highly detailed, ever-changing area of global shipping.  Our freight forwarder and NVO customers have been asking for relief from the time consuming task of managing carrier amendments and non-stop freight rate changes.  Amazingly, it is not uncommon for some contracts to have over 100 amendments in one year.  It is gratifying to deliver Floodgate Quote Refresh to our logistics service provider community to help them streamline this process and increase the velocity of their quoting to customers across the CargoSphere Rate Network,” said Neil Barni, President of CargoSphere. 

Freight forwarders and NVOs can create quote packages from carrier contract rates managed on the CargoSphere system and the confidential rates received from other sources, such as agent partners and carriers, through collaboration on the CargoSphere Rate Network (CRN).  

About CargoSphere

Established in 1999, CargoSphere powers the industry’s first cloud-based, confidential global rate management solution and Rate Network with over 100 million ocean and air rate connections worldwide.  CargoSphere allows each of its global clients including NVOCCs, freight forwarders, asset based carriers and BCO (beneficial cargo owner) shippers to manage confidential rates and create a private network of trusted parties.

The CargoSphere platform is a pioneering rate technology solution that merges multimodal freight rate management with functionality that enables multiple uses of these rates including: rate quoting, negotiating, sharing, and booking containerized freight across the CargoSphere Rate Network.  The Network seamlessly connects global supply chain trading partners allowing them to effectively integrate and simplify rate communication.  It reduces the significant complexity and time-consuming task of managing, sharing and distributing freight rates. 

CargoSphere synthesizes rate management, rate negotiations (bidding), and quoting into one continuous process. This holistic approach enables the shipping industry to become more efficient, responsive and collaborative than ever before.

To learn more, visit: www.cargosphere.com

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